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new job nerves

I have been successful at interview and have job offer! However its pending refs and occi health. So not too excited yet. After many hours of debate i filled in the forms last night and with a heavy heart posted the occi health form today. It has left me down in the dumps. Pages of documentation of hosp admissions and medication. Sometimes on paper it all looks so gloomy. I seldom spare a thought for my asthma. its a bit like needing the toilet, just a part of my life thst is fact! nebs, inhalers, tablets and subcut fit into my life like toothpaste and deodrant!! I just know that I will be called in to interview and i hate it. I hate having to justify my worth because i have asthma and on paperlook like a sick person. To top it all I dread that first day when you spiral out of control with people who you really dont know. Grr. It all seemed like agd idea when I applied now I just want to stay in my current job. sorry for the rant. I am just having a wobble. chell.xx

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Hi Chell,

I know exactly how you must be feeling right now, last year I was off work sick more times than I was there due to my asthma being extremely troublesome, then I had the unfortunate situation of being made redundant due to a company re-organisation/restructuring that caused 100 people or more to loose there jobs.

I thought that with my sickness record from last year that there would be no way any employer would want to offer me a job, but I was wrong, a company did want me and it has turned out really well for me.

So, Chell, try not to worry, (that's easy for me to say seeing as I must be the world's worst worrier) I wish you all the very best for your future in your new job


Wait until they hear from Occu health and your references. Remember you passed the interview so you have what they are looking for. When they are sure you can make an informed decision then. Well done for getting this far.



Good luck and well done giving it a go.First day nerves not nice. Years ago when got a job in a pub on my first day i walked in to wrong toilets and caught boss having a pee haha well that day felt strange but he and wife best bosses ever and always sat with us everyday having pot of tea round table chatting xxx


I just wanted to thank people for the encouraging replies...I know I didn't start this post, but I have a job interview tomorrow after a long illness and major surgery, so it is good to know there are employers out there who hire people based on their job skills. I like how you said too that seeing it all on paper ""looking like a sick person"" when really you feel pretty healthy with help, and that's not how you see yourself at all. I can really relate to that.

Best of luck!


Chell, congratulations and good luck! This is why you don't do all this form-filling before you get the job; now they've decided you're the best person for it I think they would have great difficulty turning round and saying no, unless they've somehow forgotten to tell you that the job involves regular heavy lifting in a room full of pollen (which seems unlikely ;)).

I had to fill in a medical questionnaire for my job, and though the asthma wasn't an issue then I did have (and still have) a kind of RSI thing and work was very helpful about offering me support with that and asking what I needed to sit at my desk comfortably all day - they bought me stuff like a lumbar support etc. So you may find them helpful in asking what you need, though asthma obviously can be an issue with time off etc.

Bee - best of luck with your job interview! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. I know what both you and Chell mean about the 'unhealthy on paper' thing - before things got worse with me I was still seeing two separate consultants for breathing and spine/RSI thing and even though I felt ok looked like an old lady on paper with time off for various appointments! xx


thank you all so much. I Will keep you all posted. I hace previously been unluxky enough ro loose a job because of ill health but that was many years ago before proceedures were in place for people with chronic health issues. today i went to recruitment team and delivered all official documentation so just occi health left. hoe you are all well.m.xx


well just as predicted i got called into occi health. i desperately tried to stay positive and tell myself that it was just a firmality. after two hours speaking to someone who admitted they had just googled brittle asthma i felt totally and utterly fed up. i hate talking about my health. i am sick and thats it. i work full time i use a syringe driver and neb four hourlt. i have a port for ivs. i have all three conditions asthma, exzcema and hayfever. i take lots of meds to stay well and yes i get sick around three times a year requiring hosp admission. why oh why did someone who has never met me before then decide to make the ground breaking descion that i cant do the job i applied for. i have worked as a pharmacy tech for 15 years. i am not stupid i am not going to apply for a job that i cant do. i am looking to change jobs to help my health not make it worse. currently i commute 100miles a day new job half that. so very sorry for shouting but i am so so angefy. i am at the lowest point i have been for a long time. i hate my asthma. i hate always having to justify my right to work in a job i love.i dont qualify for any benefits. i buy all my meds and equipment for syringe driver as gp wont supply. i give up. i am tired of fighting.chell


Chell, so sorry to hear that; it sounded as though it was going to be more of a formality so must be a shock.

I'm afraid I don't really know much about the technicalities of this but is there any way you can appeal, or ask to see someone more knowledgeable who has done more than just google your condition (surely that in itself shows they're not really qualified to make such a major decision about whether you can do the job and you could perhaps point this out, politely). Or perhaps your consultant/GP could talk to someone there and explain that yes, you may sometimes need to go to hospital but that you can work? I'm sure you've said it already many times but maybe more weight from them?

I would have thought the fact you're already doing a more stressful job with more stressful commute but still managing to work ought to count for something.

Sorry I can't be of more help, I really hope you get something sorted out as it must be horrible dealing with this. xx


thank you philomena. i have drafted an email to my consultant. i am going to read it with a clear head and then forward it. occi health r also contacting my consultant. as the saying goes its not over till the fat lady sings and i am most definately not singing.chell.x


Good luck Chell! Should have guessed you'd already have thought of contacting consultant, really hope they kick occi health up the backside a little with their knowledge! xx


Sorry to hear occupational health would not play ball... I would definiately ask for the meeting with occupational health to be re-booked with someone who has some knowledge of brittle asthma rather than someone who has googled it and had no knowledge of how you deal with it on a day to day basis.


That is awful- you must be feeling so fustrated! I was complainging yesterday to my mum that I had sent my OH forms in for a new job 2 months ago and I was still not cleared but your situation is so much worse! The occupational health consultant I saw didn't seem to know much about asthma, as she didn't have a clue about the doses of drugs like uniphyllin and also the only question she asked me about hospital admissions was whether I had ever had IV steroids?? Very bizarre.

Did you ask to get a copy of the letter your consultant sent to occupational health?

I would see what your consultant says, then it might be worth speaking to someone like CAB and seeing if they can offer you any advice.

Let us know how you get on- and feel free to rant and get it off your chest.



Not sure that they can do that...I mean turn you down flat. Isn't that discrimation on the grounds of disability - I am sure your asthma would be covered by the equalities act as you have had it for more than a year, and it impacts you on a day to day basis. I thought and I may be very wrong here the job has to make reasonable adjustments to make it possible for you to work. I would get some advice...the human rights comission have been helpful to me in the past and access to work. I am so sorry that you are having to put up with this as you say it si just not fair.


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