emergency plans

Have thought long and hard with regards how to word this mesage and then finally decided just to spit it out!!

I am the proud mummy to a handsome 9 month old son.

Not only has he changed my life in ways I could never imagine for the first time in my life I am scared of my asthma.

I have very unpredictable brittle asthma and confidently say that I have never let it stop me doing anything!! that is until now.

Recently I found myself home alone with my son and rapid onset of symptoms left me no choice but to ring 999. I managed to get both of us on to the floor and there we remaind until the men in green arrived.

I was no longer aware of the situation until 24hours later when things had settled.

steps set in place prior to this episode were as follows.

preset txt on mobile to send to family and friends at the touch of a button- only my brother in law picked up this txt in time and fortunately arrived before my son was taken with me in the ambulance.

emergency sticker on inside of front door-paramedics came through the back

therefore didnt pick up information in the fridge.

Fortunately my son was fine, he is still not mobile (but not for much longer!!) and dispite a few unsettled days the whole event has left no lasting effects.

I just wondered if anyone else had emergency plans set in place that may help me to ensure my son is safe if i am in this position again and give me a little confidence back.

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  • Hi Chell,

    First off want to say how sorry I am you've had such a frightening time and I hope you're feeling better now. Sounds like you are incredibly well organised with the plans you have already in place but was just wondering, I know someone mentioned a while back actually having a plan in place with your local ambulance trust and a marker on your address - that might mean they would have all the info and emergency numbers all the time so could swing into action as soon as you called an ambulance?

    Maybe if you spoke to someone at the ambulance trust or your primary care trust they might be able to help you?

    Good luck and let us know how you get on........oh.....and enjoy your scrummy baby - love them at that age :o)


  • Hi Chell,

    I'm sorry your having so many problems at the moment, but you sound really organised. i wondered if you could put up a small travel cot in the corner of the room so you could put your little one in it when your asthma kicks in. That way he can remain safe while your unable to care for him, also it'll give you some peace of mind . Could you also put the emergency stickers on the back door in case they come in that way again? that way you've got everything covered. Also do you use the emergency bracelets in case paramedics dont see the stickers.Im sure others on here will come up with some other ideas.


  • Hello,

    You can get your address and basic details logged with your local ambulance service eg Brittle asthma, small child, if anyone near by holds spare keys, etc. AS ssoon as you call 999 your ph no and address will be flagged with the info.

    Also pop another sticker on back door!

    Hope you are feeling better now


  • Thanks for your ideas!

    Much appreciated.

    Would like to say i am much better and back to that crazy life of meeting yourself coming back!! hope you are all well.chell

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