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returning after a LONG break! hi everyone

hi all,

possibly no-one here remembers me, ive been away for a long time, cut a long story short i used to visit here daily and recieved a lot of help from you all when i was first diagnosed which im truly greatfull for!!

anyway, i was pregnant and gave birth prem at only 25 weeks to a son, its been a long hard battle but a month ago our son jack came home, 4 weeks after his original due date, hes doing very well!

as you can imagine we have had our hands full (we have 3 girls already) and i havent had time at all to go online and post here, with things beginning to get back to normality, here i am :)

glad to report my asthma is pretty much under control right now (most of the time anyways), hope everyone here is getting along alright, good to be back even if you all dont remember me lol


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welcome back! congrats on the birth of your son. I a so glad your son is home now. It must be hard work with such a prem baby and the girls. Glad your asthma is ok.


Congrats on the wee one!




hehe thankyou! he's VERY wee too! just about to tip the 5lb mark on the scales :) gourgeous tho! anyone want to see a pic? :)


Hello welcome back and congratulations on your little one. would love to see pics

love Andrea xxx


def need to see pics. at least with 3 older sisters and all the mothering he'll get it won't be long b4 hes caught up with rhem and making you run round in circles. what did he weigh at birth?


katharine xx


welcome back! (feels weird saying that as I wouln't have been on the boards when you were last on, but welcome back anyway!)

Definately like to see piccie of your little one, and v pleased he's home! My mum works in a SCBU and looks after little one's like your son - and it's always party time when they are well enough to go home!


welcome back - lets see your wee one's piccie!

congratulations. Hope everything continues to go well for him



Welcome Back - Glad your little one is home and doing well. My youngest daughter was 13 weeks prem so I know what a struggle things are. Hope he stays happy and healthy . Nikki xx


here he is :)

he was 1lb 13oz at birth.


is that link working? I'm not sure it is....

try this


What a little sweetie.



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