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Asthma during evening and night

Hi. Can anyone give me an insight into what could cause my wheezing to get worse in the evening then through the night? It's the same every night, although sometimes worse than others. I've tried to eliminate allergens. It is a new house which was completely refurbished 8 months ago. My wheeze seems to be present in the evening even if I am not at home. During the day I'm usually absolutely fine, even when exercising.

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breathing increases when we lie down

when we are active then we can be masking our overbreathing and that we have any difficulty.

When we go home in the evening and start to rest, our underlying bad breathing habit becomes more noticeable.

When we lie down then our breathing is not controlled and it is far in excess of our requirements hence we get symptoms.

When you experience this it is a sign that during the day you have been breathing too much for your requirements, this resets your respiratory centre to too high a level of breathing that is revealed when you slow down.

If you breathe too much (mouth breathe) during exercise then you severely limit the health benefit to your lungs. If you start nasal breathing during exercise it means you need to slow down and this will take 6-8 weeks or even up to 12weeks to build up your ability to nose breathe (in and out) during exercise to your current levels.

Tough to learn on your own: much better with a practitioner.....there are good books on buteyko and dvds too. Chat to your doctor about it.


Sounds like u need to see ur gp or asthma nurse to gain better control if ur asthma at nite time.


i was always led to believe that Asthma is usually worse at night anyway, not sure why.


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