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Proton pump?

hi all,

my acid reflux is playing up at the moment going to gp tomorrow.

pepsid and gaviscon are not worknig for me, my diet is healthy so not sure why the acid is bad?

can anyone advise me what the next step would be for me with this? my heartburn is everyday and ive read that untreated acid reflux is bad for your health.

is proton pump the next step? if so any advice on it please, or any herbal remedies as i prefer to take those.

many thanks


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Hi kel

Constant reflux can irritate the lungs and make asthma symptoms worse.

Your gp may px something like omeprazole or lansoprazole PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) to reduce stomach acid, I suffer alot with reflux made worse by a hiatus hernia.

I don't know of any herbal remedies, but things like not eating spicy foods or late at night and sleeping upright help.

Hope the gp sorts out your symptoms and you feel better soon.



Hi Claire,

many thanks for that, yes he was good he prescribed omeprazole and is doing a stool sample from me to check for helicobacter. Just in case. Lets hope its not and that my acid reflux was caught early!

A change of diet also is going to be good, fruit and vegs (even though im vegetarian anyways!) and plenty of water, less caffeine etc...

I think anyone with acid reflux should take care as the link between GERD/GORD and Barretts syndrome is high.

kel xx


hi kel

what is barretts syndrome?

g x


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