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Generally poor asthma at the mo - anyone else having issues?


I am new to this so excuse me if I waffle on!

I am 25 and been suffering with breathing problems and asthma since I was a few weeks old.

I was diagnosed several years ago as having brittle asthma.

When I am well, I can be really well and have several weeks with no symptoms or very few, but when I am bad, I am virtually unable to do anything. I struggle with just getting up and downstairs.

About 3-4 weeks ago, I have a bad attack and had prednisolone for a week. Then, on Wednesday, I had another bad attack and had to leave work early and go straight to the docs, where they said I had a chest infection as well as asthma so once again I was put on pred and amoxicillin.

Since weds, I have not felt myself at all, normally after a couple of days on pred, I start to improve but no such luck this time.

On Friday, I went back to the doctors, who sent me to hospital for an x-ray, which showed there was no infection, it is just an exacerbation on asthma. The docs said, if I was not improving then to go to A&E as they were not sure what else they could do to help.

Then, yesterday, I was still no better so I went to A&E, they did bloods, x-rays - all clear. They nebulised me and sent me home again.

I am still not feeling any better, but I am feeling different to normal.

I have a lot of pains in my chest, it may sound silly, but it feels really tired and achey. I also am lacking energy and can't even face going out, which is really unlike me.

I am also feeling really fed up with it all. I know there are far worse off than me, but sometimes it just gets to me.

I don't really know where to go next. I have been given enough pred now to last me two weeks but I feel like I should be improving by now. My peak flow is improving but as soon as I do anything, I feel my chest tightening and like an attack is starting off again.

I am not sure if the heat / wet combination with the weather could be affecting it?

I am also feeling quite stressed with it all, which prob isn't helping.

I am also being chief bridesmaid soon and the hen do is Saturday so I really want to be well for that!

Anyway, I have ranted on for ages - sorry! It would be nice to hear from anyone who is feeling the same way as me.

Hev -x-

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Sorry to hear your having a tough time of it at the moment, it sounds like your asthma isnt under control are you under a consulatant at all, I know how you feel always being on pred as im rarely off it and i often feel down as i am unable to particpate in some activities due to my asthma , what other medications are you currenlty on?

If contiunue contiune to feel no improvement go back to A/E before your condition worsens or see the out of hours doctor, dont hestiate to get help.


Generally poor asthma at the mo - anyone else having issues?

Yes, the weather is a factor, but the impact varies from person to person. For some people cold air can bring on an attack quickly.

I've found the recent hot oppressive weather makes breathing more difficult, and I love it when the heavens open and the air becomes much fresher.

Enjoy the wedding!



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