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Asthma and Running

Hi everyone, I'm new on here and have been diagnosed with asthma for 1 year so I am still getting used to the medication and deciding when enoughs enough and have to use my inhalers. I love running and keeping fit in general but have been struggling a bit recently. I am finding it harder and harder to keep going and if I use my ventolin it does ease things alot but I feel a bit of a fraud using them. I have heard you can use a reliever inhaler 2 puffs before exercise, should I do this or just use them whenever I feel out of breath? Also does any one get all shaky after using ventolin, I could barely hold my cup of tea this morning and I wondered if I'd used too much? Thank You x

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My daughter is an exercise induced asthmatic an dshe takes her inhaler about 20 minutes before running, swimming or cycling she's a triathlete and swimmer for her sins and quite a bad asthmatic. Her consultant is keen for her to continue her sports as much as she feels able to as we've found it increases her lung capacity and has improved her breathing technique.

One of the known side affects of ventolin is the shakes as far as I know. I always used to know when Cathy had used lots because of her shakiness, she also gets an increased heart rate from it. It doesn't seem to happen so much now she takes Fostair though.


Im an athlete and take my reliever 10-20 minutes before I start and Im usually fine. Sometimes Im not when I need to stop and take more but my coaches are all first aid trained and know what to do if I run into probs. I just listen to my body. I can do all exercise barr running - no idea why but it sets my asthma off so if I can I avoid it. Its odd cos I can do gentle jogging without probs....dunno! I had to do some running last time I was at training and felt a fraud having to stop really early on but I wanted to avoid major probs. My coach said it was okay and to be honest - seeing the fear in the eyes of a coach when Ive actually had an attack in front of them is more scary then the actual attack!! Prevention is better than cure so dont worry about feeling like a fraud.

Keep up with the running cos exercise makes you feel better - just listen to your body and you will be okay. x



I love running and I'm asthmatic... I'd not run properly due to very badly controlled asthma for about two years, but pre that I ran for my county. My best advice to you is to take your inhaler (I have four puffs but find whatever suits you) 15 mins before you start exercising, make sure you stay well hydrated, warm up properly and keep your inhaler with you and use it when you feel any symptoms coming on.

Main thing, don't give up, keep trying and find what suits you. If taking your reliever before hand doesn't help enough, then go and see your GP who can change your meds to prevent symptoms when doing exercise (and other times), there is one drug called montelukast which is design especially for exercise induced asthma. Good luck!


Thanks for the messages, I will see my gp to see if there is anything he can add into my meds to keep me going.


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