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I've been reading quite a lot about this stuff and how it is good for allergies and boosting the immune-system. I have in fact bought some and tried it today, then read about the side-effects!!

I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience of taking this either as a supplement or as powder and if so, what their experiences are.

I'm not expecting it to cure my asthma or other allergies, but just generally boost my immune system so that I'm perhaps not so dependent on so many meds as I am at the moment- I'll try anything!

By the way- of the possible side effects it can sometimes interfere with the action of prednisolone, and as I'm taking 20mgs daily I'm also wondering if anyone has any more info on this. Thanks

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Spirulina is green algae!

Be very carefull when using complementary medicines.

Ask a pharmacist....

Sorry, don't know much about it apart from being algae!


I used to feed this to my fish as it gave them more colour, also they loved it... never tried it for myself though...


Hi Malawi2

Not sure how to take the fact that it turned your fish a better colour- frightened that I may now wake up in the morning with green skin!!!

Hope you're feeling better btw- I am doing well, feel better than I have done for ages.

And Kate I am a very careful person when it comes to taking supplements etc and I have read a lot about this stuff. It has been shown to be very effective for allergic rhinitis which I've had for a good six months, and also lowers IgEs, so I intend taking some more before I have my bloods done again just to see if it makes a difference!

Thanks for your replies x


You will be pleased to know it enhanced the chiclids natural colours, so unless you are green naturally this won't be a problem :) I hope you find it helps reduce the affect of the allergies...

I am still trying to find a solution that works for the asthma and ABPA and still holding my breath that new consultant will find a different med or combination of meds which works... Going in for more new tests on 5th July so hoping these will shed more light on the situation...


I've decided after reading some more not to take it for now. I've seen a few articles where it says it could interfere with the action of prednisolone and other similar drugs- though it doesn't give any evidence or reason for this. Also the articles are by the same person and all similar in content- however, because I'm also on Herspetin for the breast cancer for another six months I thought I'd see both what my asthma specialist and oncologist have to say about it.

Some of the claims made about it were impressive and I'm not easily fooled- but best play safe for now.

Hope the appt on 5th July goes well- let me know how you get on.


Brings to mind my son's consultant's comment when I asked about taking extra vits - 'Won't do any harm, won't do any good'!! BUT I swear by Evening Primrose Oil (for me). I also think the extra vits my son takes have helped, but it does all cost quite a bit.


I have found that Vitamin E has made my IgE drop!

i also take magnesuim, Vitmain C and Omega 3


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