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Research for degree course ideas needed


Firstly, i hope nobody takes offence to my post.

I am entering the second year of my degree and need assistance with my personal project; i am training to become a Design & Technology Teacher.

Using my 8 year old and his cabin bed i have decided to design a storage/bed tidy to allow him quick access to water, hankies, light, clock etc. I would like to design my idea around asthma also; we have family history.

Thanks for the replies to date and sorry for not being online since posting.

I have now built a form for completion by you all (if possible) please cut and paste the following

Please forward this to other parents/carers


My webpage for the project will be

i will update this as my project evolves with images, thoughts etc. I have registered the website today and should have something on it in the next week or so.

Thank-you all again.


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What a fab project I am an Eczema sufferer and one of the things I notice is that dust and debris collects quickly and cleaning it up from small areas can be really difficult, cleaning my little drawers that house my is needles etc is really difficult. Cleaning is so necessary to keep the allergens down. The best solution would be to have plastic containers that sit inside a frame that can be easily removed so that they may be washed to remove debris and dust. If I can be of further help please pm me, I have done some design but on a spatial basis but do have some understanding of what you are trying to achieve.


pain in the --------

I have just finished 2nd course of antibiotics and preds. THe asthma seems to have settled but have a lot of pain in the back and sides. This has happened before does anyone else have the same problem?


I agree with Katina, it is a marvelous proyect I have asthma and the plastic thing would be amazing. another think would be a place where to put the inhaler you used when having an asthma attack.


Hi Tony,

This sounds like a great idea. Just occurred to me looking at my bedside table, or what passes for one, that room on top for an inhaler with spacer would be good - lots of people especially children use spacers with inhalers so having that easily accessible in case it's needed during the night would be handy.

Also maybe as Katina says this would be a good place to store other related things in drawers - was thinking maybe drawer to hold peak flow meter, peak flow diary, pen and any preventer medication(s) all together so they're not on display (children probably don't want this stuff out all over the place, especially if they have friends round) but to make it easy to do the PF measurement/take medication morning and evening.

Hope this is helpful - I know nothing about design but this is interesting to think about especially when I consider the mess my desk got in from having inhalers, PF diaries all over it at one point - would have loved somewhere better to put them!


hey - sounds like a great project :) if you need anyone to do a questionaire, i'd be happy to help!! PM me and i will send you my email address :)

Good Luck!!


This sounds like a brilliant idea


This sounds like a brilliant project


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