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I have just joined as even tho i have had asthma for a couple of years in the last 2 years it is worse, i have had 3 attacks in 1 year and i have never had them before, I am not a big wheezer but have tightness of chest and find it difficult to breath ( i'm sorry if spelt anything wrong ). I'm off work today because my chest is so tight and sore but feel my partner and work think i make it up some times and don't know what its like.

Sorry if i bored anyone just fed up.

Katie x

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Hi Katie.

welcome.You will make lots of friends and support on here

welcome pm me anytime

love Glynisxxx


Hi Katie

Hope you're feeling a bit better. I get mightily fed up when folk don't take it seriously. I don't wheeze but I do cough on triggers and so some folk don't believe I have asthma, just a lot of colds. Especially when the frog in throat voice comes along too.

Difficult to show chest getting tight. I'd say a broken leg would be easier to prove but mine was pinned internally and thus I'd no stookie plaster to be signed or drawn on and so folk wouldn't believe it was a break and assumed I'd just twisted an ankle. Sometimes you can't win.

GrannyMo xx

Welcome to the boards, as Glynis says, lots of nice folk on here.


well hopefully the message about the tight chest and non wheezing has got through after todays consultation event. The cartoon guy drew a nice person with an elephant sat on his chest, and a Dr telling the patient they're fine, and i don't hear a wheeze.

BTW, Katie, welcome,


No wheeze, no asthma

We may be starting to get breakthrough!

Like you Katie my chest feels sore and tight and I haven't had a proper night's sleep for a week, it's been close to a Casualty visit twice.

I saw a lovely doctor today, She said I'll listen to your chest to check but wheezing isn't always the only sign of things not being right, especially with my asthma being classed as difficult to manage.

Fingers crossed we'll see more change in attitudes, think everyone I know with asthma feels they've not been taken seriously at some point.



That link is brilliant and i hope that it gets through to gps that not all asthmatics wheeze. I dont always wheeze sometimes i wheeze very loudly for ages and get taken very very seriously other times my chest has been so tight i haven't had a wheeze been turned away from the docs who said i wasn't wheezing so was ok only to end up in a and e then icu that evening. Something really does need to be done i had my name down for one of those meetings in leeds but was poorly and couldn't attend-im gutted as i really wanted to listen and give my opinion on the differences in care between wheezing and non wheezing asthmatics etc etc. If anyone did go to any of the meetings and took notes or anything would you kindly pm me with some of the discussions etc if thats allowed? I was gutted i couldn't make the leeds meeting. :( thanks woody for a good link!

Take it easy everyone

Lv kitkat Xxxx


Sorry, don't think the link worked, but now corrected. Lots of the cartoon were going to be as plumie and others who went to the other events will tell you were going to be redrawn and used, but it was now decided that some of the actual drawings are now to be used in the final document, and the elephant one was a popular one and will make the final cut.


dairy products

try cutting out the cheese and milk - this gives me nightmare asthma


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