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Advice would be appreciated!

My son was diagnosed with asthma a month ago and he is 12 years old. After weeks of faffing around, and many different medical opinions, he was put on a course of pred for 3 days. This settled things down and he is now taking Clenil twice a day and ventolin when he needs it. A few days ago, his peak flow started to decline when he became more active with sports. Today he has a cold and is very wheezy. I am a little concerned as yesterday he used his ventolin 9 times instead of the usual 3 or 4. Is this ok?? The doctor wants to see him in four weeks and I have had very little advice as no-one seems to be very sure of anything. Any ideas? Is this normal and how long does it take for things to calm down?

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My son is also 12 and has asthma. He always becomes wheezy when he has a cold. Check your son's peak flow - if it's a significant drop, see the doctor ASAP. Don't wait for 4 weeks. I am in and out of our surgery with my son having his chest checked and seeing if he needs steroids. Good luck and carry on using Asthma UK - it is an excellent source of info.


His peak flow is not too bad, although this evening he is coughing so much that he is being sick! Is this a common side effect of asthma?

Thanks for your support - I feel a little nervous about going to the doctors as one of them did not take my son's condition seriously. He said that it was a chest infection and not asthma as he couldn't hear any wheeze. Two days later, after my son became so poorly that he could not get out of bed, another doctor could hear the wheeze and prescribed Pred. We saw the first doctor again last week and he was quite abrupt which made my son and I feel like we were wasting his time. However, I have booked an appointment for 2 weeks time, but if his peak flow worsens I will take him back.

Any tips on helping him cope with throwing up at school??


It sounds as if the GP you mention is being a bit brusque. Do you have to go to him/her or can you transfer to a more sympathetic GP? A supportive GP is very important to you AND your son.

Re. his sickness. How often is he being sick? And what is his peak flow? You mention he is coughing a lot - this can bring on nausea/retching but in my experience vomiting is not a side effect or symptom of asthma.It can be a side effect of some of the medication, not sure about Ventolin but you said he's taking more than usual. The sickness may be quite separate to the asthma. If he is coughing a lot, low peak flow and being sick keep him at home. Again, don't hesitate to see a doctor if you're concerned. Best wishes to you both.


wheeze and vomitting


Not all asthmatics wheeze. I don't when i have chest infections. There has been lots of discussions on wheezing or not as care might be and this site. But that is hard to get over to GP's and I'm a nurse.

I have also been sick when I've coughed so much. Not a lot normally. I think its because of the sheer effort coughing puts on your body. And also reflux. But he shouldn't be vomitting constantly.

I'd insist on seeing a different GP.

Hope he gets better soon. Its not fun when your ill and it seems no-one takes you seriously.

X Catherine


Snuggle Bunny, please take your son to the doc. I've had some pretty serious asthma attacks, but I NEVER get a wheeze (ok, it happened once). My main symptom is violent coughing, sometimes until I'm sick, and producing loads of sticky mucus. Not everyone wheezes.

Asthma is an airway issue, and should always be taken seriously. Don't be afraid to make a nuisance of yourself with the doc. Good luck!


Thanks Kitanda! Your symptoms sound just like my son's. He coughs and coughs until he retches and only brings up mucus! Today he seems a little brighter and happier in himself although his peak flow is very up and down. I am now wondering whether or not to take him to the doctors as there is a small improvement... Exercise seems to bring the coughing on, which is such a shame as he loves PE and sport! I am wondering if the Clenil is doing it's job or whether this preventative inhaler needs changing for a different one, as he still relies heavily on the ventolin. How long does it take to see if the Clenil is really making a difference?

Thanks for everyone's support - This is my first post and I am so relieved to be able to talk about this with people who understand the worry and stress!! xx


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