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Hi all,

I am the Communitiy Manager of NHS Choices, which is the website found at

We are currently piloting a blog program. We are launching blogs based on various conditions. So far we have launched Diabetes, and this week Depression and Arthritis are being added. Next to be added is Asthma and this is why I'm posting!

We're looking for people who want to write about Asthma to sign up to contribute to the blog. You can be someone who suffers it yourself, or you can be a parent/carer of someone who has it (note - you have to be over 18 to participate, but we hope youngsters are represented by parents & carers). We are also keen to have medical professionals discuss day to day issues that they come across (but must not offer medical advice), whether doctors/specialist nurses etc, and also people from support groups or charities who want to discuss the important issues to them.

You can write about any topic related to Asthma - whether its your own day to day experiences or the latest topics in the news about the condition which you want to address.

You don't have to blog every day, we imagine most people will post between around once a week to once a month, whatever fits into your schedule.

If you're interested in taking part, please get in touch with me and I can send you more information. Email or telephone 020 7972 5718.

Many thanks

Caspar Aremi

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