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Hello everyone!


I'm Bec age 30 and a new member to the asthma uk forums but not new to asthma. I'm a type 1 brittle and severe asthmatic and was diagnosed with asthma at age 15. I'm on numerous meds and home oxygen due to my asthma, all of my meds (other than permanent steroids) are at maximum doses including seretide 500, flixotide, tiotropium, ventolin 5mg and atrovent 500mcg nebs, ventolin and atrovent inhalers, uniphyllin, zafirlukast, loratadine, omeprazole, metoclopramide, re

risedronate and multivitamins and calcium supplements. I'm under the care of a consultant at my local hospital and the brittle asthma unit team at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital. I've had several severe asthma attacks and been hospitalised alot with my asthma, especially over the past 18 months. Anyway enough waffle just wanted to give a bit of background info about my asthma. I've been on this site quite a bit recently and found loads of useful info on here but the one thing I've noticed is how supportive so many of you on this forum seem to be of each other which is fantastic. I guess we all know how scary and overwhelming life coping with asthma can be at times, no matter how mild or severe our asthma is. I'm hoping that through this site I can make friends and offer advice and support to others. Anyway I hope everybody is ok and that folks who are currently in 'costa' manage to escape soon.


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Hi Bec welcome to the forum.

Sounds as though you suffer pretty badly, hopefully this forum and it's members can help you a little when you need it (and we all do from time to time), experiences shared and a chance to have a rant and a moan often helps.

Most of us on here are always up for a chat, a rant etc etc

Many of us are also on the likes of Facebook.

Take Care



hi bec

welcome to forum :)

feel free to rant as much as u like! as well as share experiences, ask advice or basically whatever u jolly well like :P haha



Welcome Bec0781' Auk is a great forum and you will make lots of friends and get support and give some to others.Welcome again,love glynis xxx


Hi Bec

Nice to meet you. I hope you find this site as supportive and helpful as I have done. Knowing that other people are dealing with similar (and in many cases, such as your own, much worse) health problems has made a lot of difference to me.

keep well



Hi Bec, Welcome and hope you will find the forum helpful. I got lots of info and made some nice friends too. xx


Hello Bec and welcome to AUK!

I too am brittle, on max meds, have home O2, nebs and also s/c ventolin.




Hey guys,

Thanks everyone for replying to my msg and for being so welcoming, I'm already seeing how much this site and forums will benefit and help me, and as so many of you say it's often good to have a moan and rant to others in a similar situation at times. Don't get me wrong my housemates, family and friends are great and really supportive but only another asthmatic can really know what a fellow sufferer goes through at times. Yorkieiron yeah my asthma is pretty bad but I'm fortunate that at the moment I'm still able to work as a nurse to some extent although I'm about to start the process of redeployment at work on medical grounds. I also feel I'm lucky as my gp is fantastic and very supportive in helping me to mangage my asthma in the community, as is my consultant at my local hospital. Kate if you dont mind I have a couple of questions how do you cope with being on home oxygen and home nebs etc, are you on continous home oxygen or 'as required'. Also are you under the care of a specialist brittle asthma unit like Heartlands or the one at Brompton, how long have you been on subcut ventolin and what kind of criteria did you have to meet to go on it and do you find it effective? I ask this as I'm currently on night time and 'as needed' in day home oxygen and regards further treatment I'm not sure what the options are so it's good to share advice and info with other brittle asthmatics.

Snowygirl and yorkieiron I'm sorry to hear you are both still in costa and really hope that things improve so you can both escape soon.

Bec xx



Welcome to AUK. I am a brittle asthmatic too, on subcut bricanyl no oxygen thankfully. chell.xx


hi and welcome.

I dont have much advise but everyone on this site is really helpful and have helped me and im slowly getting the help from my gps as i am given the courage that im not making a fuss over nothing

I hope you find the site helpful




Hi Bec, welcome! :)

I'm brittle too, I'm also nurse and having lots of problems in trying to return to work. I hope your redeployment goes well.

Dawn xx



Welcome I found this site to be very helpful and I am sure this will be your experience too.



Bec, have sent you a message.x


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