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Asthma Attack and inhaler induced thrush! and a heart murmur!

I had an asthma attack on monday morning and although i started to feel better, by the afternoon i had a really bad tight chest and throat swelling so my partner took me to A&E. It seems mccleans toothpaste triggered the attack (i normally use colgate), anybody else had this with toothpaste?!? Anyways, i got checked out and recovered pretty well from the attack but depsite using my spacer for my inhalers (i find it easier and works better) and always cleaning my mouth afterwards i've ended up with thrush in my throat! Nice! Whilst being examined the doctor spent a long time listening to my chest, back and throat with the stethoscope and ordered me to have an ecg which come back normal but then he told me i have developed a systolic heart mumur and that i am tachycardic! My heart rate to be fair has been a bit erractic for a few years now here and there but nobody has ever pinpointed a cause and i just left it as i got fed up of having only ecgs that were always normal. I have to see my gp tomorrow to give them the latest ecg and the notes from the hospital that advise them that i am tachycardic associated with the murmur and need further cardiac investigation. Im hoping its nothing but for a while i have been getting a dull ache in my chest and into my throat but havent thought anything as i assumed it was to do with my asthma! I told the doctor in hospital this and he did say that some heart conditions and asthma can sometimes show symptoms that are nearly the same. Saying that though before i was diagnosed with asthma a walk in centre nurse said she was worried i may have a heart problem but the follow up visit to my gp about that ended up with me being diagnosed with asthma and the heart was forgotten about! Needless to say though, the hospital doctor was fantastic and thorough but he's scared me a bit as murmurs in children are generally innocent but in adults are a lot of the time a sign of a heart problem such as valve problems etc.. I'll stop babbling now anyway, good to get it off the chest though as im really worried about it :(

Sam, xx

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Sorry you had a bad time. I not got much time jsut now but jsut a quick word bout the thrush. Make sure you wash you mouth out after using your inhaler. even though you are using a spacer you may still get residue left in your mouth. I always do my teeth etc after i ahve done all my meds and find that combats getting thrush although i still get it on occassion.




sorry you might have a heart also having tests on hart and scans due soon to see why

im not responding well to asthma meds as I should .love Glynis xxx

ps -never had thrush yet but spacers help and a mouth wash xxx


Thank you for the tips :) still a bit new to it all! Ive started using a anti-bac mouthwash aswell at the moment :) Well i seen my gp this morning and she has referred me straight to cardiacs for tests to see what is going on. My pulse isnt dropping below 95 bpm it seems and the murmur is still there so they know it wasnt induced by salbutomal as i havent had any since monday. Now the long wait for the appointment for the scans....(they say upto 2 weeks meaning 2 years!).

Sam, xx


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