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Short Memory

I was wondering if anyone else with asthma also has a short memory once you are feeling better. My 19 year old son had a near-fatal athma attack 3 months ago and has been back to emergency 3 times since. He upped his Flovent to the daily max and is now feeling much better. He informed me that his asthma really isn't that bad! How can he forget that he almost died a couple of months ago! He says he is feeling better and has even missed some of his daily doses. I don't know what to do as he is going away to college in a couple of months to start his paramedic training. I am afraid of what will happen if he misses too much meds. Any suggestions.

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i think it is a teenage thing. my son did the same last week when he went pier jumping. it took an attack to realise carrying a ventolin really wasn't too much to carry. however, i failed to notice a ventolin in his bag after this evenings beach trip and this is just a week after the attack. hayfever tablet is still on the table from this morning as well. just hope he isn't allergic to the jellyfish that stung him.


Hi Stevie,

THat must be really worrying for you, do feel for you. I also don't ahve kids so am probably the worst person to be replying! I've very fortunately never had a near fatal attack but do remember when I was younger (in the good old days!!) I used to almost try to deny when my asthma was bad, or pretent I was fine if I felt ok, just to feel more ""normal"" and like I didn't ahve to miss out on anything, especially when it came to going to uni and starting a new job - meeting lots of new people and really wanting to fit in ane be able to do everything - quite a scarey prospect. I know my mum used to worry as well. Sorry I can't offer advice, so I'll just say good luck!


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