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another Newbie looking for advice about a friend

hi everyone

im another newbie here , so hello to everyone out there!

i was just wondering if anyone could advise me on something. my best friend has suffered asthma since she was a young child , so i dont personally relate to that as i was only diagnosed more recently.

we are really close and allthough we went to the same pre school and primary school we went to different secondary schools and we now attend the same 6th form college which is really great.

however i have noticed over the last few weeks her asthma is really changeing and affecting her time at home and college. she's always short of breath when we walk to college and finds it really difficult to get from the groung floor to the second (Top) floor at college. she is takeing her blue inhaler alot more than usuall. and even has difficulty when we have laugh now. as well as other things .

im really worried about her as im sure that this is not right and i want to try to help her , but i dont no what to say to her.

i would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with wether she should be like this and how to go about helping her as she doesnt get alot of support at home


Lolly xxx

ps sorry my first post is so long winded xx

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Hi Lolly and welcome to the boards.

Its a shame your friend is having such a bad time at the moment but she is lucky to have a friend like you to help! I would speak to her and say you have noticed a change because from my own experience when my asthma is getting worse it can sometimes take someone else to notice before i do.

It sounds like her asthma is not under control and she should arrange to see her gp and get checked out as perhaps her medication needs adjusted/changed and if she doesn't get support from home maybe you could go with her?

Hope she feels better soon and take care feel free to contact me anytime.




Hi Lolly,

Sounds like your friend is having a rough time, asthmas odd and different for everyone there are lots of factors and contributors to what makes people unwell: physical, mental attitude, environmental impacts all influence people on a day to day basis.

If you freind is having is having more or harsher problems than previously there gp is probably the best place to start.

You could also look at evirnoment factors - allergies would be a good place to start - if you have changed where you live there maybe something in that place which there not reacting well to: dust, mould or it could be the transistion.

As to stairs we all simpathise sometimes they are a daunting task - best just to take it slow, so you maybe late but any tutor will understand. Your college should also be able to help it might worthwhile taking with any consellors thay have..

As to your own fears for her just talk to her - they do say communication is the key, even to asthma it helps even if you just listern.

Most of us can get a bit stubborn becasue we dont want to admit that out asthma stops us from doing things or maybe we simply havent noticed or that just me - sometimes people panic around me beacuse im audiobly wheezy but I have adjusted and dont even notice until someone points it out.

Your friend sounds lucky she has at least you.

If you have more specific questions, ask :) I can try to answer them or least view an opinion.

I hope she gets better soon, but try not worry too much about it could make your asthma worse too.

Take care of yourself and your friend.



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