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a question


im relatively new here and only recently diagnosed

was just wondering if anyone could shed some light

on my questions :

1. what is an asthma attack?

2. what happens in an asthma attack ?

3. is needing to use your reliever inhaler (blue) an asthma attack ?

4. what should i do about letting my sixth form college no about my recent diagnosis ?

advice is much apreciated and sorry if they seem really silly questions

thanks again

lolly xxx

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hi lolly

Welcome to auk. Sorry u hav just been diagnosed! First dont b put off or scared by some of the posts on here most of us lot are brittle or very severe asthmatics not a true representation of the asthmatic population as a whole. Most folks live normally wit asthma and do everything they did before the diagnosis wit regular treatment.

There is a good amount of info on the what is asthma link on the home page of this site this will give u the info on what happens in an attack and give u all the science behind it. :-)

Basically asthma attack is inflammation of ur airways. Ur airways respond to dust dust mites or other allergens inappropriatly meanin that they narrow causin breathin difficulties including cough wheezing and shortness of breath.

Needin ur blue inhaler is not necessarily an attack. It is however a sign that ur asthma is not as controlled as it could b. U didnt say wot meds ur on. Are u takin a preventor inhaler usually brown red orange or purple-i think. Def brown or red/orange! There are also green and purple ones too but i think these mayb protectors-check out the what is asthma link on this page to find out what all the different meds do etc!

Informin uni/college should b straight forwards and should only involve tellin ur tutors etc. If however ur a very severe or brittle asthmatic and require help and support from a helper or carer, then u should discuss ur needs with the disablility help desk/department at ur college/uni. They are usually very helpful and will assess ur needs and provide any equipment or support u need. This may just b gettin notes photocopied for u wen ur unwell or providin extra time in exams etc

Hope ur well. Stay warm and take care please feel free to send me a private message if i can help anymore or if u just need to talk about things. Bein recently diagnosed can b a confusin and scary time so everyone on here is very friendly and give good support. Emily h is particularly good at givin info on the sciency bits lol! Take it easy and do pm me if u wanna chat about things. Good luck n take care lv kat Xx


hi lolly

Ur very welcome hon! Couldnt reply to ur private message as its not set up so posting on here instead.

I dont know how long u hav been on the preventer inhaler but it can take up to two wks to have proper beneficial effects. Its important to take every dose of this so do take it every day as instructed. The preventers wrk by reducing the inflammation and irritation of ur airways and their effects build up over time. If its a new addition to ur treatment it can take a while to feel its benefit therefore. If ur findin that u need ur reliever inhaler a lot then ur dr can use some of the add on treatments if necessary.

Stay warm and well and feel free to contact me using the pm service if i can help further. Take care. Lv kat Xxx


hi lolly

Couldnt private message u in reply to ur message as its not set up on ur profile to accept incoming messages...

Replyin on here again hon. By the sounds of it ur steroid inhaler should have kicked in by now after 5 wks. If ur stil not feelin much better then u need to see dr or consultant. The add ons can include protectors which are other inhalers or long acting relievers also inhalers. U can also be given reliever tablets these are things u should discuss wit ur consultant idealy as they r the best judges of how severe ur condition is and what treatments u need.

Needin ur blue inhaler more tho is a sign ur not as well controlled as u should be. Id see ur gp or consultant or if these are gonna b a while 4 appointments fone ur respiratory nurse 4 some advice they're very good! If they're hard to get hold of then this site has a fone line for respiratory nurses to help and advise u so try giving them a call.

Pm me anytime hon. Hope ur warm and well. Sleep well lv kat Xx


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