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Fungal Infections of the lung

My Consultant, who I have recently been seeing every two/three weeks says there is evidence of a fungal infection and has been doing further tests to determine the treatment required.

I know that this can be a very serious situation if it crosses over into the blood stream and quick resolution is imperative to prevent such occurrence.

Has anyone experience of this situation.

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could be ABPA (allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis) - if so it's not too much of a problem, I have this along with I believe about 10% of asthmatics

because aspergillus spores are everywhere and unavoidable, an allergy to it can cause severe airway inflammation and sends your IgE levels skyhigh - the treatment is an anti-fungal remedy (itraconazole in my case) - I've been taking this about 3 years now and have had no problems & with it my IgE levels have reduced to almost normal levels so it's helped a lot

You can find more at but bear in mind that ABPA is quite different from ""invasive"" aspergillosis, which you could only develop if you had significant cavities in which the fungus could lodge, so when you look on the site don't get the two mixed up cos ABPA is the one asthmatics frequently get and is much less of a problem and more easily treated than the other sort



I've been on itraconazole for 4 years as I do have a great sensitivity to fungal spores but this is a bit beyond fungal spores. My Consultant said as much and that a 'domestos' flush may be required to get rid of the problem. My self. I prefer Harpic.



This is interesting to hear of fellow sufferers with this complaint. I have fungal infection in the stomach and been told it can also get in the lungs. Caused by years of steroids and antibiotics causing candida. my breathing is always worse if i eat sugar and food with yeast in it. the bloating makes it hard to breathe and also to walk. Have you tried Nystatin for this complaint. the man called Gonefishing. i always said if they could sort out the bloating a lot of us would be able to breathe better.


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