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Asthma and Epilepsy

23 years ago, I was diagnosed with petit mal in the left temporal lobe, which was attributed to reduced oxygen levels during asthmatic episodes. As a result I was advised not to drive and, because I still get episodes, last bad one was in Dec 2007, I've not driven since 1985. You have to be attack free for 3 years to be permitted to drive.

Does anyone else have this problem?

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hi Similar situation but not the same. I have very bad attacks which mean i get very very low o2 levels. I hav had several episodes of hypoxic seizures as a result. Each one prevents me drivin for 12 months as i dont hav epilepsy. They did rule that out which was great news stil i hav a car but hav been unable to drive for 18mths now as everytime i nearly get to the 12mth clear mark i hav another bad attack and end up a time zero again! Its frustrating but did you know u are entitled to a free bus pass? If u have had ur licence revoked 4 medical reasons u fill in a form u get from ur local bus company. No medical or gp details are necessary u just need a letter from the dla sayin ur licence is revoked or that ur unable to get a licence due to medical reasons. Its a hell of a lot easier than any other disablity related things lol! Hope this helps lv kat Xx


I suffer with epilepsy also, although not related to low 02 levels, I had epilepsy as a child with grand mal seizures (now known as tonic clonic seizures) , I grew out of it at the age of around 12 but suffered a very severe seizure whilst in hosp in march, I had pneumonia at the time and so its thought that something called my seizure threshold was lowerd by the severe infection. I've now been warned i'll probably always havde a tendency to suffer fits when my body is under stress. I'm under the neurologist at the hosp but not on any medication at the mo as it was my first in 11 yrs. I was happily sitting in bed at thew time feeling slightly odd next thing I know I wake up on the floor wondering what the heck had happened! unable to move my right side (todds palsy). The docs thought I had had a stroke at the time :s urgent ct scan revealed nothing.

epilepsy is very frightening thing as it can be so unpredictable just like asthma!


new MRSA diagnosis

On my last admission i was told i was MRSA + and given a nasal cream and a body wash to use which i did religiously as told.

I then spent 3 days in RBH where i was swabbed again and they let my GP know very quickly that im still + despite previous treatment.

i now have a different body wash, body powder(which really irritates my lungs)and nasal ointment and have to be swabbed again 3 times in 5 days time.

I was told if this fails i will have to go in for iv treatment which im not happy about and im also not allowed to have an op on my hip til clear which has frustrated me.

What are peoples experiences of MRSA (good or bad) ?


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