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Lung Function Test, Sleep Analysis and CT Scan

I had LFT at Harefield on Tuesday which really exhausted me and showed about a 6% deterioration in function over the last 15 months. It got me coughing quite well and cleared the lungs.

i recently had a Sleep study done which I had to repeat this week as it showed, in my Consultants words 'highly suggestive of significant sleep apnoea'. Has anyone else had studies done of this nature and what were the consequences?

On Mon I've a CT Thorax Scan scheduled and my Consultant on Tuesday so it is a rather busy week hospital wise. I'll be glad when it's all over and got some definite results, its the waiting that's the stressful element.

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Hi Gornfishhing

I have had sleep apnea since i was about 11 due to a cleft palate but have had several surgerys to cure it to no avail so have been on a cpap machine now for about 14 years or so it takes a while a to get used to i use a full face mask because i cant breath through my nose but most use just a nose mask if u need more info just pm me and ill be glad to talk I have also found it helps with my asthma at night i dont get many nightime symptoms

hope all goes well



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