excellent news for asthmatics!

I am studying law in Argentina, today the weather was horrible (raining + humidity = asthma attack in the bus) the new is that one of my teacher (who told me once that asthma is psychologic and prohibed me to used my rescuer inhaler because she thinks its drugs) now is asking me to give her info for a conference about discrimination and disability. It is great because I will be able to make people understand better our condition, and make people understan that it is not in our head, specially at exam hour o with Nonattendance at uni.

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  • Edit: New laptop. Posted reply twice.

  • Excellent news, celeste. Hope it makes some difference to the way your teacher looks at your asthma. Best wishes, GM xx

  • Well done Celeste.

  • thanks to all! In my opinion this will be huge in the way people see asthma, I am really tired of hearing it is all on your mind. hope this will at least start a change!

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