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gettıng older wıth asthma

Hello everybady,

ı have had asthma sınce ı was 13. now ı am 23. ı just want to know ıf the other asthma sufferers have problem lıke ı have.

ı am 23 but when the people hear that ı am 23, they surprıse. ı dont know why ı look lıke more than 30. Is there any effect of astma on appereance of me due to havıng less oxygen level ın blood or ıs there anybody havıng same problem?

waıtıng your prompt replays.

Have healty days.

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Apart from during a severe acute asthma attack, people with asthma usually have entirely normal levels of oxygen in the blood.

I'm often informed that I look a lot younger than I actually am (irrtatingly I got ID'd for an over-18 wine bar just over twelve months ago - I was 26 at the time) - I reckon that I've inherited my Dad's genes there, though, because he still looks about 35 (I won't embarass him by revealing his age, but suffice to say he's significantly older than that).


I agree with cathbear..I too doubt that asthma will contribute much to the aging process, as I have had a mild form of it all my life and have often been told I that look alot younger than my age - well, until recently, at 50 it's getting harder to fool everyone - age has a way of happening while you are not looking!

I personally believe that the opposite is the case. Breathing huge amounts of air like atheletes do can potentially add more to the aging process. It's something to do with oxidization and free redicals, but lots of antioxidants like fruit with vitamin C will help combat this.....



Worrying about that at your age? What on earth are you going to do when you reach my age?

I'm with Cathbear here. Has to be genes (and good skincare) and nothing whatsoever to do with asthma. I had an ego-boosting real jaw-dropper a couple of days ago when I told one particular lady how old I am - she really did think I was loads younger. I think I have to thank both parents - Mum for the young looking skin, Dad for the twinkle in my eye. Unfortunately, I think I have to also thank both of them for asthma, but you can't have everything.

Looking after yourself in the sun (or better - out of the sun) has got a lot to do with it. You may be lucky with the sea and sun particularly helping you with your asthma, but it can also play havoc with your skin. There is a compromise somewhere, but you will have to work very hard at it.



I look really young for my age too. The day after my 27th birthday, I got ID'd for nail varnish remover!


My dad, is 38 this year, and in Sydney, got ID'd! and He doesn't have asthma!

If all else fails, go live at sea!


haha im 18 and get ID for movies rated 15! How embarassing... then try bars or buying alcohol especially at tesco... they always have to call the manager to see if my ID is acceptable (which it always is)!


Getting older with asthma

I think the important question is how will asthma affect me as I get old (wheezing breathless emphesemia..etc) not so much as to how you look..You can look 75 but if you feel as fit as a 21 year old inside...WELL thats better than ANY facelift or tummytuck...I'm 39 and training for a 10k run done 3miles allready non stop so I'm getting there!!

last time I did 10k I was 23 years young!!

Take care everyone Chris


I'm 21 with severe asthma and I definitely don't think it has made me look older. I get ID'd all the time, I even got asked for ID in argos buying product replacement cover for my digital camera, oh and for buying a kitchen knife in Sainsburys.


I'm 26 and get get checked for ID all the time, when I tell people I am 26 they are really surprised cause they think I'm about 18!

one time I was in macodnalds with a friend when I was 19 and we were talking about how they had job vacancies and the sales assistant says 'you have to be over 14 to work here!!!' oh the shame!!

Lejaya x


i worked at mc donalds when i as 14! (not properly though, it was a school thing)


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