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hi everyone

ı have a question for everyone here on this website related my situation. I am 23 and have not performed my military service as it is compulsory in turkey 15 months. Now ı have Third Officer qualification together with my asthma as it gets ok at sea while ı am performing my job. ın case ı go for military, ı need to tell that ı have asthma that ı may not be allowed to perform this compulsory service. And my passport may not be longer valid as asthma you have any information related ınternational rules on asthma suffrerers and does this cause me to loss my job in the future.

Please revert with your comments if you know something about.

Best regards

Third Officer

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surely they cant take away your passport because you have an illness? i certainly hope not at least!


Hi Ugurcan,

Congratulations upon getting your Third Officer qualification, Sir!

I believe there are rules, and these in the main relate to obtaining travel insurance in terms of getting treated while abroad. This site has some information relating to this!

You may also wish to take advice as to how climate changes may impact upon your condition while abroad and what precautions you can take.

It is nice here in the UK at this time of year and perhaps you should take full advantage of your ability to travel now, sampling our low-emission zone cities and coastal towns with wonderful clean air, especially in Scotland.

Rumours concerning passport invalidation may well prove unfounded and come to nothing when accession to the European Union has been achieved (re military service stumbling block!). Millions of people have asthma and if they all found their passports invalidated there would be an outcry the like of which mankind has never heard before!

Best Wishes,




Good to have you on our ""pretty webside"" again!


Is there anything like a citizens advice bureau in Turkey??

I dont think asthma would be a grounds for your passport to be invalidated, as twizzle said many people have it.


Just to add..

I understand that Amnesty International has been fighting the corner for ‘Conscientious Objectors’ to conscription to the military. This is not recognised under Turkish Law due to conscription being compulsory. However Conscientious Objection is recognised by the European Court of Human Rights, and therefore if Turkey fully integrates with Europe this disparity will no doubt have to be addressed!

I am just guessing but perhaps there may be disparities as regards the health issues too.

Finland does allow exemption on the grounds of ill health. In Germany draftees may perform a public service instead, but this is for conscientious objectors.

From what I understand the later you leave it the less service you need to do in Turkey if you have not been drafted due to being in education, but I dare say someone will add more light on this in due course.

And now for something completely different:

Imagine an army made up of asthmatic soldiers, all puffing away at inhalers and relievers in one hand and weapons in the other as they go about fighting the enemy!

Whilst it may be possible for an asthmatic to have periods of no outward symptoms, so as to pass a medical examination as A1, it is inconceivable that any military establishment would not know about the impact of asthma upon personnel –and in particular the exercise induced scenario. My point is that if exemption is granted on the grounds of your asthma there can surely be no stigma, but if it is not granted then the condition would perhaps define the duties undertaken.

I do hope it all works out for you Ugurcan, and that you can take full advantage of your passport to visit the UK!!



I have to ask - where do you get the phrase 'please revert with your comments' from - revert is not a word commonly used, we usually use reply. I have contact with offseas help desks which use this word all the time in their emails. so I am just curious


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