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A Level Project - Help would be great :D

Hello everyone im a first time poster on the Asthma UK forums. Over the last few months i have been designing and making a prototype 'new' inhaler. It functions the same way an MDI (metered-dose inhaler) does and uses the same canister format. I wanted to achieve a new 'stylish' and attractive inhaler that could appeal to todays fashion conscious teenage market. I have taken inspiration from of number of modern day 'gadgets', such as mobile phones and Apple's iPod franchise. Below are pictures of a prototype model (real inhaler would be injection molded) also there are pictures of a point of sale display i made and a couple of example of box for the inhalers. I would love ANY feedback, constructive critisism would be brilliant as i need to evaluate my model and i feel this can be best done by people who have asthma.

Thanks in advance


This link will take you to a website with four photos of my inhaler - please take the time to reply on the forum it would be loads of help , thankyou again.

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Smooth slick design , like the dipsly that it very eye catching. Only thought I would have is inhalers are shoved in bags ,pockets sports bags, gloves compartments in cars etc. Is the area where the mouth is placed protected in anyway. Two reasons, one germs and also two because you dont want dust/bits travelling back up the mouthpeice and blocking the entry or being able to be inhaled when you breath in on the inhaler.

Bright colours are aways favourable with kids and teens and easier to find in teh bottom of a bag.


Great feedback thanks. A cap for the mouth piece was a definiate consideration at the beginning, sadly i couldnt get it to fit with my end product although i believe you are right that there should have been one implimented. Also thanks for the colour comment. I wanted to have a brown undercarriage for the becotide dosage and blue for the ventolin so you could easily tell what medication it was. The bright colours so you can easily see it is a very good point and definitely something i can comment about.

Thanks for taking a look and your feedback :D :D


I like the design, it kind of reminds me of a flip mobile fone.

How large is the inhaler actually? Will it fit inside a jeans pocket at all?

It looks like it might be a bit awkward 2 use, especially if sum1 has small hands.

It looks as though wen the mouthpiece is in ur mouth, ur hand and the cannister has 2 b held quite a distance away.


luvin it

as a inhaler concious teenager myself i really love the design and would love to have 1 as people wouldnt no it was an ihaler does the inhaler come in turbohaler format and would it b available on the nhs if yes when coz i want 1 !!! can you keep me updated on this 1 many thanx ### hannah ###


Thanks Hannah and Shadowcat for your comments :)

The size as you mention Shadow was probably my biggest challenge, because i wanted to use the industry standard canister for my design there were limitations on the size. The inhaler could fit into a pair of jeans but it is actually slightly bigger than the current. Folded this doesnt present any problems but when it is flipped it does tend to be big and would require a medium to large hand span. This is definitely something that would be changed if the product ever came into real life production ;)

Hannah - thanks for you comment made me cheer when i read it hehe. Sadly this is just a school project so i dont think it will ever be in production - but if it ever does ill send you one lol ;D


they are great and compact designs:)



its a shame that the inhaler device you created could not be put into production but if i ever aquirre a large sum of money il do it 4 u and did you have a name for the device as in the photo it just said inhaler i think you need a really catchy name il try and think 1 up 4 u anyway gd luk wiv ur progect and i hope u get a A*

### hannah ###

p.s how old r u ?


18 and in the second year of 6th form :)

Maybe this could make me lots of money lol


i think if you found out a company that would take it into production youd have a winner if you can find a company to produce it uuum oh yeah i think it would have to come in child teen and adult sizes do you have a name ? good luck


My eight year old severe asthmatic says, 'That's well cool. Can I have one?' Now there's a recommendation for you!


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