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school and asthma advice needed

A friend of mine who is also like me a governor of the school our children go to. her 14 yr old daughter has been moved to a new teacher for one subject since she has been with this teacher she has found if hard to do the work as this is a higher grade of work. The teacher has said that she has an atitude problem but this girl is finding the work hard and since the move her asthma attacks have got worse her doctor has said that this is the worst she has seen her the teacher has pulled the governor card IE the girl cannot be moved as the school cannot show favourites to governors children. my friends asthma has also got worse due to the stress she is under has anyone got advice on what she can do

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Talk to the head of year nad/or the head of school. Her parent might be a governor but she also has rights as any parent has. If any child was struggling then surely it is natural for the parent to want to get involved whether a governor or not. She should take off her governor hat and go to speak to staff as any parent shuld be able to. Hope its sorted soon for both her and her daughter's sake. She could emphasise that the stress is aggravating her asthma. If all else fails get a letter from the GP to support this.


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