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Sorry If I have upset anyone

I asked a couple of people on here if they use a preventer inhaler

but I seem to have upset one of them by doing so

so if I upset anyone else, Sorry

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Im sure you would not upset people just by asking about an inhaler?!?!? surely??? dont worry about it! i would not be upset if you asked me!! :)


its alright

It wouldn't upset me if you asked so don't worry. If you inadvertently upset someone you apologised. So chin up.



Hi Joan uk,

I think it is a real shame if somebody is upset by your questions about preventer inhalers. I wouldn't take it personally if I was you...



Are you sure you upset someone? I would be pleased if anyone was interested in my medication, and would bore them with my reply... don't worry about it. xx


Hi Joan,

It's great news that you've managed to get such good control over your asthma! Please don't be afraid to ask questions - these boards are for all people with asthma, regardless of severity, and all of us were new to asthma and its medications at some point. There is loads of stuff out there, and it can be contradictory and confusing, so please do keep asking.




thank you all for your kind words

This is the private message I got from the person who I asked Once if they were on a preventer -

this person is cleary upset with me though I can`t figure out why !

""i know you just had a fantastic recovery with asthma but can you please remeber some of us

have been battling with asthma for years and the medical people cannot just cure us like you!

It really is winding me up that you keep questioning are you on a preventer etc.

I am on lots of treatment for my asthma. I know quite a lot on asthma and have an amazing

hospital team that are fighting to make me well. Your message quite upset me! Please be careful.


Hi Joan,

Please don't get concerned by asking questions on here about medication that you are taking or may have to take in the future, there is so much we all have to learn about asthma all the time.

I would not be upset if you asked me about asthma medication.


Hi Joanuk. Just to say hi and dont worry about it. Thankyou for your nice words about Mason my cat and look forward to get to know you.love Glynis xxx



Please don't worry about uspetting people, it's fabulous that you have managed to get control over their asthma. I don't know who sent you the pm but as someone who has difficult to control and manage asthma I am always happy to hear that someone has managed to get their asthma under control as what I go through (an many others) can be horrendous and I would not wish it on anyone.

Good luck


Preventers are one of the first steps in asthma management.

There are people on here like me that all options are being explored and prevnters are such as simple step when we are being faced with long term steriods, sub-cut and methotraxate. I think what this person meant and how I read it is that they have passed the simple management stage and has uncontrolled severe asthma so management ideas need to be carefully cosidered by hospital consultants.


Joan, welcome and please please do ask questions and many will give you answers and occasionally differing and controversial replies. You appear to be lucky in getting control of your asthma quickly. I've been contacted off forum by the person concerned and for various reasons I'll not go into, this person has health problems other than asthma which all options have failed to control their asthma. Somehow you appear to have upset them and how and why I don't really wish to discuss or even take the conversation further, but like Bizkid below and several others, there are plenty on this forum who all options have been explored and still control can not be achieved. Something you may not have realised is that the forum attracts a higher proportion of those at the severe and uncontrollable end of the spectrum than any other group.

Please stick around, ask and learn and share.



Hey Joan, don't take it personally, maybe the person who PM'd you was having a rough day. I was really pleased to read about how you got under control and your message might help another new person to the forum who has milder asthma than many here.


Hello Joan and welcome to AUK. This forum is so great and it means I can be around and chat to other fellow asthma suffers and parents/careers of children with asthma.

I also have uncontrolled asthma and I am too am more than willing to explain and discuss my asthma medication and history of asthma.

I am so pleased you have got control of your asthma, it is always so up-lifting to know it can be done and it gives me a great inspiration and confidence boost that one day my asthma too will be controlled again

As away and questions I am sure plenty of us will be more than willing to share and express our thoughts on any questions you may have


So many of you have been so sweet and kind - thank you for all your messages

I will stick around, now I have found you I didn`t want to leave.

I thought because the preventer and reliever inhalers helped me so much that they would do the same for everyone, I didn`t realise and am so so sorry that so many people have asthma that is beyond help with medication - I have a lot to learn

I am so lucky that my asthma is seasonal and now under control

when I first came to this forum and saw `COSTA who has just got home` I thought it was a place in Greece where asthamatics went to that is good for asthma so if you want a dumbo like me I would love to stick around :)

cats rule, Mason for king xxx


Hi Joan

welcome to the site! Please don't apologise for something you haven't done wrong. As others have said, maybe the person was having a bad day. We all have different experiences and are on varying treatment regimes. I am at the more severe end of the spectrum, about to start sub-cut and when I went to see the new gp at my surgery she couldn't understand why I wasn't on brown inhaler, she was convinced that that was why my asthma was so badly uncontrolled! She even prescribed me a becotide despite me telling her I was past that step! I just took the script and left, thinking if only it was that easy!


blimey i didnt realise that asking a question would cause a problem and make someone want to leave, its such a shame-

ive asked loads and given my opinion on here, but thats what it is just my opinion, everyone will have a different take on things cos its a medical condition that affects people differently....i wouldnt be upset if someone asked me something about asthma cos its an asthma site.

p.s: i use a preventer which although my asthma is terrible at the min again it must be doing something otherwise the docs wouldnt keep telling me to take it xxx


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