My asthma is getting worse and getting me down!

I am a 46 year old male, diagnosed with asthma just over 3 years ago. Up until the last few months it has been mild only requiring 2 brown pump dosages a day. But the last few months it has got worse and I have had a chest infection which has exacerbated my asthma a lot. I have been on steroids (prednisolone) and amoxicillin which have eased the symptoms but i am still wheezing, coughing and bringing up sputum. i am now also taking the blue pump regularly - as much as 6 pump dosages every 6 hours on the doctors orders. pre-asthma i always had a strong chest regularly playing football and badminton. now i can't anymore. maybe because i developed asthma in adulthood it came as more of a shock than if i'd always had it since childhood. but it's really beginning to get me down. its also affecting me at work as i have to give a lot of presentations and lately im often coughing and spluttering throughout, and my voice projection is not as powerful. all in all the asthma is getting me down! is it common to feel down about yoour asthma, and how can one overcome the negative feelings?

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  • Hey, welcome to the boards :)

    I understand how you feel, I used to be really active, cycling everywhere and loads of other stuff, but had to stop as my asthma got so bad as now i'm stuck on nebs and the rest of it. I guess its the shock of knowing what life without is like and the feeling of loss.

    PM if you need anything

    Wendy x

  • I'm quite new to it too (just over 6 months) and not particularly well controlled yet.

    It's totally affecting my ability to work, exercise and socialise and it quite often gets me down, especially when I get scared it'll only get worse from here.

    When I have thoughts like that I give myself a shake and go and do something pleasant, even if it's a gentle walk in the park or watching a funny DVD.

    Staying positive is half the battle, sometimes.

    Keep your chin up, take care of yourself, and it will get better.

  • Was diagnosed with severe asthma a month ago after years of getting a 'virus' most winters. On preventative inhaler twice a day and blue at least 4 times. On 2nd lot of pred a couple of days ago as going downhill again, a few sentances of conversation is making me breathless. I love powerwalking for its physical and mental benefits and am worried that is now out of the question for a while. Now feeling very down - could that be a side-effect of the steroids?

  • You're not alone.

    I've had asthma all my life and I'm struggling with it at the moment. Don't lose hope though. My asthma's been controlled very easily for years. Right now its in a bit of a state but things have always improved for me in the past. Don't assume things won't get better.

    Do you work in an air conditioned office? People here might have some advice to help with that? I find it helps to go though lots of hot drinks.

  • thanks everyone

    thanks everyone for the replies so far. It helps to know my feelings are common, and I'm not alone. i know where to come if I get down, and need to keep my chin up!

  • Suebag - feeling down is a common side effect of taking steroids along with feeling 'high' and mood swings. I used to suffer a lot with mood swings, and my asthmatic son gets very 'high' when he is on steroids.

    Ocelot - sorry you are down. I am a lifelong asthmatic so have never known any different, but I still get fed up particularly when my son is ill. Asthma is a very variable condition, I can be fairly well between episodes but colds trigger it. Do go back to GP if things dont improve, just to get checked out.

  • ocelot,

    I started with asthma 2/3 years ago and really gets me down when its really bad.

    I have severe asthma and hate it but I know now what to take and when to get help

    and not as scared now.

    Welcome to this sight and wish you well with your asthma.

    love Glynis xxx

  • ocelot,

    I started with asthma 2/3 years ago and really gets me down when its really bad.

    I have severe asthma and hate it but I know now what to take and when to get help

    and not as scared now.

    Welcome to this sight and wish you well with your asthma.

    love Glynis xxx

  • I don't think it matters when u where diagnosed having asthma and prednisolone can make anyone have down moments. Prednisalone is well known for altering the mood. What gets me thro these periods is thinking of my family and that no matter what there will be some one else worse than me. Failing that a good talk wie a friend or my wife. Always helps. Bottling up the feelings only makes it worse !!!

  • Hi Ocelot, I can relate to how you are feeling. I have brittle asthma after sixteen years of pretty well controlled asthma. I can no longer do the things I used to do & struggle with the basic day to day functions. My family & friends are trying to understand but it is not easy. It helps me to come on here & not feel so alone. Thinking of you.


  • Ho Ocelot,

    I do sympathise with you. I was diagnosed 3 years ago at 53!

    Still trying to come to terms with it. Specially as its been bad this winter so far.

    Don't ever feel alone, or let it keep you down. There's plenty of us on here who know what you're going through.

    Sometimes it's the medications that actually affect your moods. Do come on here and talk to us when you're having a bad day. we understand, we've been there and sometimes its good to have a rant.

    I hope you feel better soon

    love and blessings


  • I can really understand how you feel, it's hard coming to terms with something which impacts on day to day stuff and feeling it's not under control can feel daunting. I think I have been using inhalers for approx 5/6 years, no idea as I only only finally went to the asthma clinic 2 years ago! I was in denial of the whole thing and when my gp asked me how long I had had asthma during an appointment I actually responded ""I don't have asthma, I just get breathless sometimes and need my inhalers"". Needless to say he sent me off to the asthma clinic..and I have been trying to keep it under control ever since. Just in the middle of another chest infection which as you know from your own experience makes the asthma worse and waiting for the steroids to kick in. Glad I joined this site today though because I find the discussions really useful and don't feel so isolated. Keep strong, you will work out how to get yours under control, it just takes a bit of time I think to get used to the idea and find out what works best for you.

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