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Husband starting back to work today (Whoopi), but having had him available for the past 3 years hadn't thought about what I would do should it not be possible for paramedics to gain entry during a severe attack. So out of concern and in part of peace of mind we have decided to install a key safe and them attempt to get the code registered with the local ambulance service. This in itself will all be relatively straight forward, but on discussing this with someone else it was highlighted that as well the necessity of the safe meeting British standards like the CE mark, it was best to enquire with my provider of my home insurance on how this would affect my cover. I have now done this and my own insurance company Aviva will only continue to provide me with full insurance providing the key in the key safe is removed when I or anyone else is not at home. So please remember should you decide it is cheaper to install a key safe that have your door kicked in by the local police when the paramedics need entry (yes I have had that happen many moons ago), check with your home insurance provider about any potential clauses that may be added to your policy.

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My key safe was installed by social services and registered with the ambulance service as well as the carers who were coming in at the time. I lived in a flat, so perhaps the safety wasn't quite such an issue (the key could have been for any one of the 70 flats!)...

Good reminder- I've been meaning to get a new key safe since we moved house. Thanks for the info about the house insurance.

Hope you enjoy the time on your own while R is out at work, and that the time you get together is better quality!


My key safe was installed by social services and is used by care phone people, emergency services and care company. It was provided by social services and fitted by them.


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