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One of the several consultants I have (not happy with one OMG) as decided after chemo to start me on Azathioprine. In the past I have discussed using this drug with my respiratory consultant, who thought that the evidence of this drug working for my Asthma was unlikely!

In the first I am wondering about any of you out there who have used this, and what the outcome was negative or positive. Second my immune system is up the shoot (what a surprise) with all the pred, I swallow, the cold season is approaching and I shall now doubt pick up the lurky thinking that between Azathioprine and Pred one is going to be rather snotty. So wondering how anyone else copes having a rather depleted immune system in the winter with the lurkies about.

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my hubby is on 2 types of immunosopressant, and ends up ill less than us, really dont understand it but must say I'm impressed!Hope it goes well.Been a life saver for hubby.

Kate x


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