This a reply to the thread started titled ""Asthma T Shirts.""

I have spoken to Asthma UK about the original thread mentioned above and how some of us have expressed an interest in having access to AUK logo goods and the lack of them. The reason why currently there are no AUK logo good available to purchase online is down to cost. From Pin Badges to wrist bands, etc these sort of things come with a minimum order requirement and unless it can be guaranteed that they will sell, there is then a huge financial risk to take into account. In the past when the Bagpuss Campaign existed this financial risk was shared with sponsors (those who sold them on AUK's behalf).

Through my research this morning I have discovered that whilst stocks last there are some ""Bagpuss AUK products"" still available and can be purchased from

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  • link not available katina



  • Snowy Girl, it was working earlier, anyway, either type in Bagpuss Shop in the Search Box on the AUK website or go to Coolabi and click on Bagpuss Shop

  • For some reason pasting the link doesn't work, but I've generated a tinyurl which goes where Katina intended!

  • Cheers Ginny

  • Without wishing to bang on about this, a little bit of research and wristbands can be made for approx 20p each with orders of 1000, surely a £200 out lay isn't that much of a risk, further shopping around would probably find them cheaper or even assisted by sponsorship.

    Eg website:


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