Beach to Beach Bike Ride for AUK

Sitting in Pizza Hut on Tuesday darling hubby goes I have sent for the info pack for this years Bournemouth to Brighton Bike Ride for AUK. Oh right I reply, so how many miles then, 140 across 2 days he tells me. Any way today the registration form came, I filled it, stuck a stamp on it and posted it. So no backing out now. Well he said he wanted to lose weight OMG, he most certainly will. He hasn't done anything like this for several years, and he hasn't done any serious cycling in what 3 years.

He's mad but I love him, but sure there will be lots of moans and groans about sore bums and legs. And I making sure that between facebook and here everyone knows because he is not backing out.

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  • Hahahaha ! thats blinking made me laugh !!! Nice one Katina 80)

  • That's great, and brave! Good luck to your hubby with all the training and of course the event itself.

  • What a nice thing to do. Good luck and I hope all the training goes well.

  • Training started tonight, with some real ale, chocolate and licorice torpedoes and watching the England v Wales Rugby Game

  • Richard did his first 12 mile bike ride this morning and I walked Lottie for 3 hours and during that time using the charm of my dog raised £30 sponsorship. So a very productive dog walk!

  • Bless my hubby Richard another 18 mile bike ride, asked if the bike was creaking, he said yes, and soon the bike will have stiff competition on who is the most creaky. His dad, bless him wants to buy him a new road bike, can't believe how wonderful and supportive people are being. Off to the hospital tomorrow for checks, so shall be a cheeky monkey while I am there are start nagging a few friendly faces to sponsor him. Well if you don't ask you don't get is my motto.

  • Hes doing really well ! Bet he laughed when told him u filled and posted papers x

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