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Blue Badge Holders

I don't mind car parking attendants checking the validly of my blue badge, like many others my disability

isn't obvious. Today and on one other occasion the car parking attendant of NCP Car Parks that is looking after the car park at my local Asda store checked my badge because I was parked in a disabled bay. It was the way he did, so sneakily, looking like he was going for a gentle stroll but then quietly siding up to my car and glancing over. Today when he did this he didn't check the immediate cars either side of me, even though at more or less the same time eldery people got out of them. Just because they are elderly doesn't me they are entitled to be parked in disabled space, but they didn't get checked today! On seeing this indirectly I made my displeasure known, and then what further annoyed me on entering the store where the NCP car attendant now was, he came up to me and said that day looked difficult for me, well he would have seen that as I was getting of the car. I don't mind my badge being checked, but wish that some attendants would be more open about it and check those around them too, instead of just picking one person who in their eyes doesn't fit their picture of DISABLED. Rant over, well for today.

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Sorry u had that experience. I get funny looks also. Mostly from other disabled users I'm In same age bracket as yourself .What makes it worse is when my kids are in the car. I'm generally to puffed to even attempt an answer. Tho my kids will speak loudly to embarass the person I find parking attendants helpful tho. They cancelled two tickets when I forgot to display the badge.


Sorry guys, but do you have the blue badge because of your asthma? I don't mean to offend but I didn't realise you could get this.

Toni x


Hi There,

I find it very difficult to deal with when approached by people (usually fellow disabled drivers) about parking in a disabled space. I was once approached by a very angry, aggressive man. He knocked on my window and gestured that I should wind it down. When I obliged he then informed me that people like me were a disgrace. How dare we park in his space when we are merely lazy and borrowing some poor disabled persons badge. He then proceeded to inform me that people of my age were by far the worst. Thinking we owned the roads and the accessible parking spaces. I trust that he was far too angry to notice the nasal canulae stuck to my face and the non camouflaged O2 cylinder on the passenger seat!!! I wish I had enough lung function left to partake in such a vigorous conversation.


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