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Getting Serious here lately!

For some time I read the boards before I joined, and apart from the serious side and important part of it helping people with experiences and support, I also joined because of the daft games that some played in the ""Off Topic."" I loved this part because during some of my low times it was nice to have a laugh and partake, it took my mind off my own troubles. Whilst some of you might not have thought about it, having a laugh and partaking in something that takes you away from your troubles can be just as supportive and helpful as giving direct advice.

Myself and a few others have started playing a few of the games in ""Off Topic,"" it takes only a few minutes to put a smile on our faces and it will be very much appreciated, and also you too can have a little smile.

If anyone is good and creating games, maybe writing riddles and we have to guess what you are on about for example. Or sharing craft/hobby ideas please come and share them. Looking forward to seeing you.


Edit: To those of you have read this post so far and started new games in Off Topic, many thanks I am sure it will be much appreciated by others. WELL DONE

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Yay Kat! I agree :)


The monotonousness style of postings recently is slowly killing the lifeblood of the forums.


Well said Katina!

A hobby i have just recently taken to is the good old fashioned colouring book and felt pens.

You can get some really good ones now. I am currently working through one that has pictures of famous landmarks in. It is providing me with hours of restful entertainment.



I just joined in past couple of days. This is by far one of the better forums I have been on. There is an openness that many don't have or allow. There has to be a balance where people can discuss and share advice or bits of info they pick up or learn along the way - good, bad or indifferent.

I'm really into art and craft. whilst going around morrisons the other day I found the colouring in moasic pattern books, hadn't seen them in ages.


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