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Nebuliser Needs a Home

I have one of the older Freeway nebulisers, that can be used via the mains, car adaptor or on battery. I used to live in a 3 floored property and had a neb for every floor because Asthma was so bad, but now I live in a ground floor property do not have the need for 3. This nebuliser has been well looked after and is in perfect working order. Due to current regulations GP practises and Charities no longer except them, I would be a crying shame to chuck away something that is in excellent working order. I have enough filters to last a few years and the only thing that would need to be purchased for hygiene reasons, is the nebuliser mask and tubing. I am happy to get the nebuliser PAT tested to prove it is safe for the new owner. I ask no money just a good home and proof that you need one for obvious reasons. Nebulisers for some are a great expense, and since it is difficult to survive on sickness benefits if possible I would like it to go to someone who otherwise would struggle to fund a nebuliser.

To the moderators I hope this posting is okay, it is only my wish to help someone, and have no interest in personal financial gain.

Just to say that neb now has a new home thank you to those who have replied

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I would like it if it is still available. that is so kind of you.


Aidendanna okay, do you have an email address and then I can photograph it and send you details. The only thing I ask is that you prove to me you use nebs, copy of dispensing label on a box of nebules. Just thinking of safety, as you would sure to understand. WOuldn't want anyone using one unprescribed. I would pm you but your profile doesn't allow me to.



No problems at all, Katina, perfectly sensible and safe approach. Thank you :)


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