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Astra Zeneca Bricanyl

Hi Everyone, like many others on here extremely frustrated that I cannot get my hands on Bricanyl Ampoules so tomorrow shall be ringing them. I urge everyone else who is experiencing difficulties to call them because I think it is disgraceful that we are all being so badly led down, and pharmacies across the country have no real idea when proper stock levels will become available. Call the AstraZeneca switchboard on 0207 604 8000, and let them know how badly we need stock levels to be sorted out and what it means to you.

Update: 11th March 2011

Have spoken to Astra Zeneca who have told me that pharmacies shouldn't be having problems getting it now. Kim Williams of Astra Zeneca (Supply Division) rang my pharmacy, found out their wholesalers, checked stock levels and then kindly told my pharmacy to order it. She was very helpful and then rang me back to tell me the progression of everything. In future she has told me if there are further problems with getting hold of the drug to get in contact with the supply division on telephone number 0800 032 0501 menu option 2.

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My pharmacy seem to be able to get hold of the 5ml amps but struggle and have no joy the last few months with 1ml amps. This is ok while I have a few of the smaller ones left but once they run out I will be wasting loads which isn't good and this also means I will be ordering more.


Have been ringing since tuesday too 'discuss' the matter and cant get past the press 1 for blah blah blah! Then get asked to put in my code for recorded messages.


It is disgraceful I agree! I have never waited so long for a prescription. My pharmacist was on the phone to them everyday for a week till they eventually sorted a delivery! I luckily had some to keep me going but 7 weeks is too long to be waiting for a drug that keeps me relatively stable and out of hospital!



I thought I would just say I came out of hospital yesterday and was told by both my Consultant and Ward Pharmacist, that the issues will Astra Zeneca Bricanyl should now be completely resolved if you are still having problems maybe worthwhile contacting your local hospital, hope this helps :)


Well thanks to Astra Zenca talking to my pharmacist and advising of stock availability,they ordered a batch and it was delivered to the pharmacy the same day. So hurray.


Wouldn't trust AsraZeneca as far as I could throw them!

They have not been able to provide resolved apparently


as of now they are stopping making Budesanide 100 & 200 CFC free inhalers

Thanks Astra!!


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