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Absolutely Furious - You Tube

Have been following something in relation to an Asthma UK Project and was told on asking that eventually it would be released on You Tube, where Asthma UK sometimes shows things. Out of interest thought I would have a look at You Tube to see what stuff Asthma UK already has there. Whilst there are some other good asthma stories on You Tube but the amount of videos available on there that take the mickey out of the condition, just makes my blood boil. I am appalled that You Tube allows anything that takes the mickey out of such a serious condition. These kind of videos should be removed, they are misleading, insulting and down right appalling.

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no wonder we get looked upon so badly!!!


Whilst I agree completely with what you're saying, I have to play devil's advocate here. YouTube is full of videos that take the mickey out of all manner of serious issues - religions, famous people, entire nations and races, wars, historical figures; you name it. As a site hosted in America it is covered by their freedom-of-speech laws which are very wide-ranging, so getting content removed because it belittles a medical condition would be virtually impossible.


Just so sad Steve when the likes of AUK are battling to make sufferers and the general public aware of the seriousness of Asthma. I personally don't like taking the mickey out of someone's religion or illness and like to respect people's beliefs and those who suffer with ill health and disability. Just would love it if people were more considerate about what they put on You Tube, think about the long term repercussions of what is being posted.


I know what you mean bout you tube.

To be honest, there will always be idiots who think its fun to ridicule peoples medical probs.

These people are not worth bothering about.

Just ignorant and stupid, thinking it makes them look clever by adding stupid videos about things they dont have any knowledge of, or any sympathy for.

It is a sad fact these people ridicule almost every health problem they can, or cannot even spell properly.


Oh just found one of me talking about depression! Wish I knew it was put on there! Did lots of filming with them for the ball but they have used other bits I talked about for other projects!


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