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Cement dust in the air (""clinker"") - dangers to asthma sufferers? Can you help?

We live in the Spanish city of Alicante, on the Med. There is currently a local protest because the Port Authority has started operations to extend the Port (parallel to the city, at some 600m from the residential zones) and is trying to convert it into an industrial estate. They are unloading cement dust in the open air, causing huge clouds of dust which the wind brings into the nearest 4 neighbourhoods of the city, filling homes, balconies, schools and parks with cement dust. The Port tells the residents that there is no health risk and denies that there are no clouds of dust, saying environmental control is ""rigorous"". But look at the video on YouTube (it is shocking from the 3 minutes stage):

We have local residents complaining of asthma - but I would like to know if there are scientific studies to back this up, and if so if there is any international asthma society we can get to put a stop to this.

In the meantime, we have reported the activity to the health authorities and the police, and the more people viewing the Youtube clip, the more public pressure there will be. Many thanks, IPHarri

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