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Salmeterol and Crushing Chest Pain

I really need some advice...

I have been struggling with asthma since February this year. I have been on a variety of different inhalers and to cut a long story short, none of them seem to agree with me.

Salbutamol caused me heart palpitations and Beclometasone caused me anxiety, muscle aches and agitation/restlessness.

I am now on Salmeterol (for a month) and have a crushing tight discomfort in my left side. I am getting to the end of my patience with it all and feel I am never away from the doctor/nurse but to no avail.

I had a chest x-ray at the end of September which came back clear. I have had two lots of blood taken - the first showed an infection (the doctor had suspected Pleurisy) and the second I have never been told about.

Do I have pleurisy or am I am taking a bad reaction to the Salmeterol? This is ruining my life. Some days, I am fine and others I have this intense crushing pain and I am starting to worry it is my heart or breast cancer. I feel I have a protruding rib at the left side. I am 29.

I cannot get my GP as he is away on leave for two weeks and the receptionist won't even put an appointment in his diary as it is 'not open yet'.

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Hi Belle,

I would get this seen to ASAP. If your usual GP is away can you see another one in the practice, maybe make an urgent appt? Or perhaps go to a walk-in or see OOH tonight. Definitely don't leave it two weeks, you need to be seen much sooner and if you're worried and can't access anywhere else maybe even a and e?

Good luck with it all and let us know how it goes. Hope you feel better soon.


Seconding that advice. Go see A&E or out of hours doc.

PS Let us know how you get on.


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