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What's your opinion of the Asthma Attack Card?

My name is Amy, I work on the Health Promotion Team at Asthma UK. At the moment we are reviewing our Asthma Attack Card as we think it could be made easier to use. We would like to know from people with and without asthma what they think of the card, for example:

Colour – the different colours used on the card

Text – the size, font, information on the card, how easy do you find it to read and understand?

Size – size of text, size of the card, size of boxes in the card

Any changes that we can make to the card? Any information you think is missing? Words that could be changed? Anything we could add to make it better?

Do you carry the card? – why/ why not

The Asthma Attack Card is one of our most popular publications with over 70,0000 ordered in the last year and has received a lot of attention in the last few months. Therefore it’s so important to us that the card is easy to understand and use so if you have seen our card please let us know what you think.

Please reply to this forum thread or if you would prefer email healthpromotion@asthma.org.uk

Thank you!

Amy Douglas

Health Promotion Team

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My idea for good asthma card would be the following:-

Credit card shape with 'What to do in the event of an attack' on the front and space for personal contact details on the back. Perhaps a dark blue with lime green strip across the top.

Text on lime green strip saying 'Please Help Me. Asthma.'


Hiya :)

I think a wee change to the card would be good. I don't carry the card at the moment although I have one as it isn't very noticeable in my bag or pocket unlike a med bracelet. It would be really good if there was a place to tick to say you are on long term steroids so then you could carry both cards in one place.


When my asthma came back worse I got an asthma attack card to stop people panicking quite as much! Now if I am having an attack I can give a friend the card and they know what to do when i need an ambulance and everyone tends to be a bit calmer.

Think it is well aimed for asthmatics/ friends. But not sure it would work well if I had to present it to a member of the public/someone found it on me. Think a strip that said something like what Granny Mo said 'Please help me asthma' or words to that effect would be useful especially if on the top of the front or back of the card so when its poking out of my purse people see it and know whats going on. (if that makes sense.)

Really like the middle bit of the card. as before think the front could be a bit more obvious :)

but all in all thanks for something useful x


would be realy good ,credit card size with space for a contact mumber.

with a big asthma logo saying ring 999 etc for help.


I have never heard of such a thing so maybe better PR about it would be a good idea?

Is there a link on here where I can go look at it?


Credit size Card

Hi my name is marylyn and i am currently undertaking a dissertaion looking at the impact of health education and health outcomes related to asthma

I am presently finding research in this subject limited within the UK, i am really interested in the concept of the attack card and wondered if you could pinpoint me to any evidence used in the development of the card, either from a proffessionals or patients point of view

Many thanks


A space to write the name of your reliever because there are now different colours (blue and red). This would also mean more severe asthmatics could use it. As they could put nebuilser in, in stead of blue inhaler or red inhaler etc.

I am severe asthma and i find the card very useful! It stops people panicking as much and it tell them that is i do not improve to get an ambulance!

Thank you for creating the card!



Credit card size would be great as then we can put in the front ID pocket on our wallets. Have it printed on both sides.

On the front have it in lime green with Red stripes for our name, DOB, emergency contact name and number and name and colour of our reliever inhaler.

On the back keep that the same as the details that are already on the asthma attack advice cards so we can tick our symptoms but leave a gap for the amount of puffs we are to take on our reliever inhaler blank for use to fill in. This would be handy as I am to take 4 puffs on my Salbutamol followed by 2 puffs very minute for 5 minutes then it's 999 which is all different from what the card I carry says to do at present.

Hope this is helpful to you Amy and If you do change them I will be re-newing my card for both me and my son if their is a big different in the new card and the old card


I had one but have never filled it in. Think the credit card size is the way to go, and plastic over cardboard, perhaps the current text in the blue and red boxes could go on the front, and space on the back for personal details, name, emergency contact.


Bob try here :)


tired x


I don't carry a card although I've had asthma attacks while out and about. I tend to rely on educating the people I know are around when I'm at risk of having an attack (making sure the other people at my martial arts club are aware of my inhaler and working on an activity plan with my sensei for example). I also keep a pen and paper in my handbag along with my prevent and reliever inhalers (both there so that in a worst case scenario clinicians can see at a glance what steroid and reliever I'm on) just in case.

What has put me off ordering a card is the fact that the site doesn't have a series of photos of the contents so that I can actually judge whether or not I think it would work for me. I honestly cannot make a judgement on whether it's any good or not and as the sort of cautious person who likes to know what she's getting before she orders something that is a major drawback.


Fine if you a ""a standard asthmatic"" but doesn't allow for the inclusion of nebulisers etc which a few of us are one


Please send me a copy


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