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Getting me down a little

Ok, so I know I was only diagnosed a few weeks ago. And I know I don't have it bad. But I'm feeling pretty down and p**sed off and I guess sorry for myself. The self pitying part of me thinks I already have one chronic condition, why do I have to get another? And the other part of me tells me to stop moaning and get on with things. Doesn't stop me feeling crappy about it though.

I haven't had a full day of ""normal"" breathing for months. Certainly not this year. It's pretty tiring. Last night was crap again, today not great either. Just trying to suck it up and get on with it, but I'm so tired.

And I'm pretty irritated with myself for being so naive. I figured it was ""only asthma"" (I'm sorry for using that phrase, until recently I didn't know much about it) and they would just give me a couple of inhalers and all would be well, and I could be like all of those famous people who tell the world that living with asthma doesn't stop you from doing anything. Which I guess it doesn't for many, but while those high profile interviews about it are great, I think it does feed the idea that asthma isn't a serious thing for some.

Sorry, got off track there. It never really occurred to me that it'd take a while to get me on the right drug (just like my psych meds, but please don't let this take 7 years like they did).

I know it's not been long. I know I've only been on the seretide since Monday evening, and that I'm being stupidly impatient. It's just that when I'm tired and uncomfortable like I am I get pretty down about everything, and a little self pitying. I should pull myself together. After all, I don't have it bad.

Sorry for yet another complaining post.

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I know what you mean about the whole, celebrities with asthma saying it doesn't stop them doing anything, makes asthma seem less serious. But I suppose they have the money, time, and the professional support to get the training, rest, diet, etc, that they need for it to be OK. The rest of us have stresses like mortgages and 9-5s and all the other stuff to juggle, plus sometimes good, sometimes bad experiences with the NHS.

I'm quite new to asthma and I'd written it off as something easily sorted with drugs but my experience over the last few months has taught me that it's a totally holistic condition, a mind and body thing, something which takes quite a lot of time to get your head around and come to terms with.

It's not much fun having asthma and dealing with it, but we're not alone here, and everyone is so supportive, it does make it easier, knowing you can let off steam any time you need to and someone will listen.

I hope you feel better soon.


Hi Piglet

I get mad with the whole celebrity thing too but from a different angle. Broke a leg, open tib and fib some ten years ago. Required over a hundred stitches, pins, what have you to basically re-unite foot and ankle to the rest of me. Around about the same time a certain footballer and a certain racing driver did the same thing. Difference is, they were back to form a whole lot quicker than me. Eight months before medics would let me drive or go back to work. I'm in admin but would have been way to tiring apparently.

Friends of ours know someone who 'broke their leg' and is back to work as a sports coach and driving within two months. Presumably they think I'm terribly lazy. Yeah if I'd snazzy physio and had done lesser break, maybe I still wouldn't have the occasional walking probl now.



Know how you feel xxx

not come to terms with the taught of having asthma like for ever.

When i get a few good days and arnt so many I forget I have it and get really happy

and then back down to earth with asthma attack.

Auk has helped me lots and dont feel so alone with it.

Hope you feel a bit better soon and hope a smile on your face xxxx


Hey Piglet, I'm with you there and I don't have other illnesses to contend with. ""It's only asthma"" is such a stupid phrase. Be gentle with yourself. Sonja


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