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How do you know

How do you know when it's time to see the dr?

I've got an appointment to see my GP on Thursday as I don't think the inhalers are doing a great job (up several times in the night, symptoms not settling until about 11, peak flows dropping again).

Today my chest's quite tight and breathing is uncomfortable. I don't know whether to ask to see someone today or if that would be causing an unnecessary fuss, especially since it would take me away from work for a while (last on the day appointment I got I was in the surgery about 2 hours).

I don't know what to do :(

P xx

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Head to the doctors today, You are not making a fuss. If you are still symptomatic after using your regular treatment and peak flows are falling a definate sign to see g.p today.

hope you feel better soon.


Have a GP appointment at 2. Things are not good.


hi give the auk nurses a call. they have helped me out so much in the past they are much better than my own Doctor's!


i wish i hadn't bothered. Dr was so patronising. Told me to go for a brisk walk (ok, but can't breathe properly). Took my peak flow and then recorded it better than it actually was by 100L/min. Then told me to see him in a week with peak flow diary. Oh and also told me not to use ventolin apart from when doing peak flow stuff. Appt reminded me why i don't see that dr. But no choice for appt today. Am so angry and still feeling rubbish.


Piglet, that's pants!

Is there another doc in the practise you can see??


Go back that sounds like the Crap that my gp used to say to me. until things got drastically worse and it became apparent its not just asthma it maybe type two brittle asthma that i have.

funny as it was this Doctor's collegue who dismissed this as even asthma. go back until he listens!

if he told you to go for a walk in the park the doctor has limited knowledge about allergies and triggers and its obvious he knows nothing about asthma. You might need to do what i did and make the asthma nurse leave enough guidance on their system for them to follow.

my lot are adamant not to send me for a referal and i'm now waiting with my fingers crossed that i don't have another flare up. if i do that's it i want that referal. my gp surgery is rubbish!


Hi Piglet, sorry you are having a rough time, definitely give the asthma uk nurses a call. Is your asthma nurse any good at the surgery? Or is there another surgery nearby that might have staff that have a better understanding of asthma? That's the problem with GP's they are generalists so don't always have that specialised knowledge unless it is something they are particularly interested in. Maybe it will change when they are in charge of the NHS money and they realise the cost of hospital stays for the asthma patients they mismanage!! Sonja


Thanks everyone.

It's really put me off going back. I can't win - last time I had problems like that I was told to see my GP immediately, or go to A&E. I went with the GP, and was essentially told to go away. It makes me doubt if there is really anything wrong or not. I didn't tell you my favourite nugget of wisdom, did I? When he told me to go and have a brisk walk, he thought he'd better tell me that exercise would get me out of breath. No s**t Sherlock.

Luckily, nothing worse happened, and actually once I got back to work (I really didn't feel well enough, but I just can't have more time off sick) things settled down.

He seemed to be doubting whether I have asthma at all. I guess it's possible I don't. It fits the symptoms I am having, but maybe there's some other explanation that he can think of. I would love it if it wasn't asthma, if it was something they could just give me a pill for or whatever and it would be cured. He's got me doubting everything.

I'm doing the peak flow diary exactly as asked. I have an appointment to see him on Monday, but I don't particularly want to see him. Tbh, I don't feel like bothering at all.

I saw the asthma nurse for the first time the other week, and she was nice, she told me she'd see me in 12 months. I don't really know what to do. It's a huge practice, and there are other drs I'd be happier seeing, and I obviously don't know who's best. Ordinarily, I'd try several, and then if no better, move practices. But I'm happy with the way they treat my manic depression, and good GPs for mental health stuff are really hard to find. And I'd potentially have to switch to a different psychiatrist when I've just become comfortable with the consultant I currently see. I hope it doesn't come to a trade off between the 2 illnesses.

I think I've rambled enough now.

P xx


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