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So uncomfortable

I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself again. I'm so tired from poor sleep - trying to sleep propped up on 4 pillows as if I lie down I can't breathe. But sleeping like that (when I finally manage to get some) causes back pain and neck pain. And even then I wake up in the night needing my Ventolin.

I can't breathe deeply which is not great trying to take my Ventolin. Coughing a lot, and feel like I have lots of crap that needs coughing up but that just won't come.

And I'm knackered and headachey from lack of sleep. I am still managing to work, but only God knows how.

So yeah, I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself. Sorry for whining.

P xx

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Hey Piglet,

Aww *hugs* we are all here for you if you need to vent! Sounds like you are having a terrible time and it seems to me that you need to go see your asthma nurse about it all. I dont know how much medication you are already on and i hate to suggest a doctors visit and more medication, but it is worth a try to help you sleep better at night. Are you having trouble during the day too? beause if you are then maybe it is because you are exausted from lack of sleep?

Let us know how you get on! take care *hugs*

Lizzie xxx


Aw no, poor you. Maybe some time off work is what you need to try and catch up on some sleep if possible. Lack of sleep is awful. Also might be worth trying to get to GP today esp as its bank hol weekend. Take it easy Jo xxx


Thanks guys. I feel like I only post here to moan.

I've just looked at my GP's online booking system, and there are no appointments until Tuesday. This is all so annoying as I only saw the asthma nurse this week, and everything seemed to be settling, so she was happy, I was happy. And since then things have been tough again, pf has nosedived and I'm generally not good.

I'm not sure it warrants an urgent on the day appointment, I don't want to make a fuss.

I think I'll work a short day today, and get home as quick as I can for a cuddle and some rest. It feels like I'm always ill and I hate it. People must think I'm skiving with all this time off, but I'm really not :( Ugh.


Sorry your having such a rough time and the GP's etc. are being so annoying.

I don't have much more to add about the asthma side but the sleeping side i do! Buy a bean bag, it was the best thing i ever did. If your bed is against a wall put the bean bag leaning on that and you can be pretty much sat up but because you can kind of mould the bean bag to you it's very comfortable and allows you to sleep!!!

Hope everything gets sorted!



I like the bean bag idea, I'll have to give it a try. WIll Have to make sure whatever I get isn't too big, I don't want to take away all the bed space from my partner!

I really need to go home... only an hour and a half and I can. ANd I'll go and get into bed and watch the DVDs that I naughtily bought on my lunch break.



HI,try putting something under your bed so one end is raised so you wont need more pillows.

this will stop your stiff neck and hope help you sleep with out breathing problems.

love Glynis x


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