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Colds, coughs etc

Hi guys,

I just wondered, at what point in an illness do you see the GP? I've got a hideous cough right now. It's not been here very long, but it's really nasty, and my partner wants me to see the dr about it. In the past I'd've waited longer than this, but my partner is really pushing me to go straight away.

When would you do it?

It's really quite annoying that what was a pretty minor spell of illness in my partner has been so much worse for me :(

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id go sooner rather than later. I always leave it and leave it for fear of making a scene and then end up causing more of a scene when it gets worse anyway if nothing else it will reassure u and ur partner so ur not nagged all weekend :)

hope u feel better soon


I just saw my GP and he thinks I'm having an asthma flare up caused by yucky viral infection. He's increased my Seretide, told me to use blue inhaler before bed to try and get me a bit more sleep and to go back if my pf drops any further for some pred. Cross fingers I don't need it!

P x


Coughs and colds are on the rounds i have found one. Although i am self treating for now as i am already on top asthma meds from my admission last week. It is just time and hope it goes away i guess as i do not want to go back in again. Even if people are pestering me to go in, i do not see what a hospital can do for a cold. It would just be wasting there time and resources. A cold can be treated at home! As long as you increase your asthma medication and are sensible! Must watch peak flow though and rest!


ahhh i hope u feel better soon x


Ah, rest.

The one thing I cannot do.


tell me about it, doctors act like its the cure for most things and the easiest thing to do. Not so much in practice


Yeah, I'd love to be tucked up in bed with a wheat bag, all the medicines I need (everything that works makes me drowsy, so can't have it at work) and regular steam inhalation to help clear the crap from my chest.

In reality, I've got to be at work, in our freezing cold office, dealing with all of the crap left behind by my former boss, and also by systems that were put in place years ago that are hugely inefficient and don't even work properly. I've got to be here as I was pulled about my sickness the other day (55 days in a year, over 40 of which related to chest infections etc).


Oh well, ploughing on.


well done on ploughing on Iknow how hard it can be, just make sure u dont make urself worse in the process. get better soon x


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