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The winter lurgy is hitting early!

Various colleagues are being struck down by a minor cold virus. It's spreading its way round the nice open plan office. Seems a bit early for this.

Now I'm sure I'm getting it. Tight chest, cough, very interrupted sleep. I can't believe it's starting already!

I'm meant to have choir practice tonight, but given the trouble I am having with deep breathing, I just don't know how I'm going to sing. I can't miss another rehearsal though :(

Anyone else finding the winter germs are coming out to play early?

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I know a lot of people that do have itm I have escaped so far!! but have noticed a downward sprial in my symptoms normally reserved for octs cold snap, like you I hope this is not the start of winter as if it is, its going to be a long one, esp as the cold is the major factor in mine being bad!

Take care



i have noticed this. i am supposed to have a lot of things going on that i cant do, including my GCSE pe which is not fair. ths is because when i get like this the less time i spend outside the better so i am having to help with other things inside. so not fair and way to early for this. thankfully one of the teachers that i have for pe has asthma as well so she can see my point of view.

Jess x


Virus/cold round our way too. Daughter had it last week and DH. I have it this week. Effects vary from feeling totally shit one moment to being totally ok for most of the day and back again. Big sneezes and sniffles.

On the plus side haven't needed the reliever inhaler half as much. Not sure that's a plus for having a cold, mind you. LOL


I was thinking it's a starting school again thing, all the schools have just gone back and it's worse coz people don't want time off yet! I'm not ill yetand really hoping I'll miss this one as I've got so much work on that I need at least some oxygen!!!


It's really annoying isn't it? And I always wonder what my colleagues think - they come in to work with their sniffles and can get on with things fine, but when the bugs get me they really go to town and my body just seems unable to cope with it and I'm flat on my back fairly quickly, with a chest infection arising from every little virus I get. I must seem like such a hypochondriac.

I'm not sure if I do have the bugs right now, nothing has developed, I'm just stuck in the land of the tight chest, coughing and not sleeping properly, propped up on 4 pillows and unable to lie down. Ventolin helps for a little while, but if I were to take it every time things kick off a bit, I'd be taking it about once every hour.

I can't decide whether it's a virus or whether it's just an annoying flare up.



Hi Piglet,

I'm at the start of something fairly nasty, I've just come back from holiday and my sis (live with me) was recently ill, first she lost her voice, then had bad stomach pains, fever and spent about 5 days coughing violently.

Now a week later and three days after being back at work i lost my voice (can barely whisper), had awful stomach ache and a fever...

Turns out her supervisor had been ill, she then got it and now it looks like i'm in the firing line.


Our household has been struck by mystery virus too!

presented first in little one, violent temp, listlessness, husky cry n babble and crazy rash. oh forgot to mention the delightful nappies too.

Then me, temp, husky voice, rotten stomach and then finally taken up residence on my chest, hoorah!

Hubby, who has the constitution of an ox, now has mystery virus too!!

So rest assured my fellow immunocompromised friends we are not alone or special, the viruses are not being fussy this year!!



So far it seems to be a cold/hoarse voice that's flying round the boarding school where I teach - the Matron and School Nurse both have it and are reluctantly infecting the rest of us. I was hoping my faithful sinus rinse habit might help to wash away the virus, but it doesn't seem to be working.



hi i have never commented on here b4, i am starting collage on monday and i have got it already from all my friends and family not good been reallytight and wheezy last few weeks and its actually affected my sinuses aswell, sojust off to the docs. hope everybody gets better soon xxxx


yep i have noticed this and it is one of the reasons why im becoming a hermit. the summer seems to have given way straight to winter


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