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Is there a portable spacer available?

Hi everyone, I am a new asthma sufferer. Got really wheezy during the school hols, went to the doctor and was given a ventolin inhaler and told to come back in 3 or 4 weeks if I still had the symptoms. I went back to the dr today as my inhaler ran out last night and I ended up sleeping upright on the sofa. Have had to use the inhaler every day since I got it.

So, he has now given me 2 ventolin inhalers and I have to go to the hospital for a spirometry test and chest x ray before they will give me a different inhaler.

So, what I was wondering was if there is a portable type spacer? I prefer to use one but its too big to carry round and I hate the taste in my mouth.

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Which one do you have now? I used to have the aerochamber. It was pretty portable (not perfect obviously), and I think it is one of the smaller ones. Hope this helps.

Good luck with spiro and everything. Hopefully that will give your doc some answers.



The one I have now is a volumatic. Big bulky thing lol

Will have a look out for the one you mentioned, thanks.


1 i used to have was called an Able spacer...was really gd...quite small and you can fit a ventolin inhaler inside it to carry so takes up even less space in a bag!

Hope that helps

Em x


Yes, the Able spacer is one of the best and smallest - you can also pop your inhaler inside it. It is availabe of prescription too so ask your GP or asthma nurse.



I have an unopened able spacer laying around somewhere! I dont use spacers though because i have an autohaler


Thanks everyone, I looked it up and the able spacer looks like what I need.

In my search I even found a little pouch to put your puffer in too


Not sure I would use one, but might be handy for some.


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