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Peak flow values for people with asthma

i am doing a project for health and social care gcse and i am doing it on a client who has asthma. we have to find out peak flow values and i was just wondering if anyone knew how much mild asthma can reduce your peak flow

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it actually varys from person to person as not everyone has the same pf to start with. it will also depend on the time when taken and medication on.

fnk u dat helps me a bit

just as an example how much pf and people can vary...

My son is severe asthmatic , I am mild asthmatic...

This morning his pf was 360 And mine was 160

It all depends on asthma control,medication , personal pf values.


Hey... this website may help a bit

Emma x

It all depends i have been montoring mine for a while now, i've had to keep a diary on request from my asthma educator, and my aim is to get 400 i am always in the 300-400 area. Because my asthma was poorly controlled before i never got over 350 now i am always getting 400 since i got back on track.

Peak flow can also vary depending on personal technique.

Im trying to mix asthma and running very badly.

Im 31 years old Male, my peak flow before my run on friday was 460. I did 10minutes and my peak flow was down to 230. Which I am told is very bad.

i can only get to 360:( even on my best days!

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