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Well hi all today was different. Iwent to the Cardiology department and went on the treadmill.

Only lasted just 5 mins [others had more faith in me thought i would last longer].

Had to give up as to short of breath even though i had taken Ventolin before.

Well at least i wont have to wait long for the results as although the specalist asked for the test they are going to send results to GP as well so will find out Monday.

Must admit after i just could not stop coughing and only a neb when i got home settled it down.

Take Care

H Mama Heather

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Oh dear H Mama, hope you feel better soon. I wasn't allowed on the treadmill, they gave me an injection instead that made my heart race but at least i wasn't wheezy, then i had to go in a polo mint tunnel. Hope your results are okay, take good care, Lois


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