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Possible Asthma Diagnosis - Need Advice from Parents who know more!


About three weeks ago my 'almost' three year old Son had the start of a bad cold. He was snotty and obviously off colour. His breathing was very laboured during the night and the next day he was prescribed antibiotics by the Doctor. His symptoms disappeared over the next few days and he didn't suffer any more interrupted nights.

Yesterday he started to cough a bit and through the night his breathing was extremely laboured again. I took him back to a different Doctor and he was admitted to Hospital today. He was monitored all day and they have said it is possible he has Asthma but can't say for sure either way.

I have had Asthma since I was a baby and I am sure I would have noticed a wheezy chest before now and can't believe it can just 'appear' like this almost over night, especially as I am aware of the warning signs. I feel that - somewhat understandably - they have made this diagnosis because of my history and because he has eczema.

His chest x-ray showed a small amount of infection and he has been given a low dosage of penicillin plus three days worth of steroids and a becotide inhaler. Initially, at the Doctor's surgery, he was given a very small blast of Ventolin through a nebuliser and he did appear a bit happier after this. However, when he was given the 'puffer' during the day today it didn't appear to make much difference and although you could see he was struggling a little breathing in and out at times you couldn't hear a wheeze.

Does anyone else think this could be linked to a cold going to his chest rather than Asthma or am I clasping at straws?

He constantly runs around like a mad thing and I have never heard a 'wheeze'. Now at home and in bed his breathing is a little laboured again but I cannot hear any wheezy'ness.

Any ideas or thoughts? I would be really pleased to hear anyone right now as my mind is racing! Thanks.

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I don't have any children but my mum and dad both said that my asthma started very suddenly. We have a bad family history of it so they thought that they would spot any warning signs but it came all of a sudden after we got a puppy. Your doctor may just be wanting to rule asthma out with you being asthmatic, and may be telling you the truth so that you're in the loop especially as you know what you're talking about. It took 6months for me to be diagnosed officially, and my parents were frantic but remember it could simply be an infection thats bothering him and everything will be ok. Hope it all works out for you



Thanks Nessa.

I hope it is a simple infection but, if not, I'm sure we will cope. Thousands of us do, don't we?! xx


Hi Mum of 2,

My daughter had asthma as a baby, my son had episodes of Bronchiolitis. They were both treated in a very similar way. Dont be too alarmed at how they are treating your son. It is better they actively treat him now than not. Also with the asthma step wise programme once your son settles they may well drop all his medicines. It is very frightening when things like this happen especially if he has been a well child up til now. A diagnosis of asthma wont be confirmed in one admission. All the meds you have mentioned are not harmful in the short term. I hope he improves soon!

You will be on here advising someone esle the same soon



Hi MumofTwo,

I have two boys that have asthma. Both of them had cough variant asthma as youngsters and rarely wheezed. There are a lot of viruses that can cause asthma symptoms but whatever the cause, it sounds like they are giving him the right treatment. I also have a daughter who does not have asthma but has been treated with asthma meds when she has had infections and viruses. It really sounds like asthma when she is sick but she soon recovers and all symptoms are gone. My youngest son's asthma came on quite suddenly just after he turned 1, he got RSV and has suffered from asthma ever since. My older son had cough variant asthma since soon after birth. His asthma has changed lately and now he wheezes more and coughs less. I hope this info helps you feel more at ease and I hope that your son does not have asthma and gets better soon.



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