Chest infection and asthma

Hi guys. I'm new to the site and after a bit of advice on any experiences with a chest infection kicking the asthma into overdrive. I'm guessing my infection is viral cos the different antibiotics I've been on haven't shifted it. How long do you reckon a viral infection should last? This one is still with me after a fortnight giving me a peak flow of 250 at best. The ventolin eases it a little, along with the seretide however playing my golf at weekends is becoming more of a chore than enjoyment.



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  • I would sugest a visit to your asthma nurse as your asthma does not sound controlled. Or to the GP.


  • Yep done all that. Was given prednisolone? to start with and then 2 courses of antibiotics each one different to try and shift the chest infection. Asthma nurse wants me back in about a month or so to see how the seretide I was prescribed is acting. Problem is the chest infection looks like it's bedded in for a while yet!

  • Hello Danno

    Sounds as though you might need a bit more prednisolone or an adjustment to your other meds. If you are feeling as poorly as it sounds, ask for a quicker follow-up visit. A month is too long if the asthma is not controlled. You know yourself if you are not feeling right - follow your instinct.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi, I know what you mean, I get a chest infection once a month! And to top it off I am trying for a baby so I am not aloud any steroids or antibiotics :(

    I find that having a bath helps and to get plenty of sleep. Other than that just try to take it easy, and I know it's horrible but make sure you spit out all the gunk that comes up when you cough.

    Hope you feel better soon


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