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Allergy testing?

Hi all, just looking for some advice please?

my asthma has gotten worse over this cold snap we have had an i have suffered two lots of punemonia, three asthma attacks and generally just tight chested all the time. but it has also gotten worse since i was diagonsed at age 7...even though everyone said i would grow out of it..hmmm!

i am about to finish my last course of antibiotics and oral steriods Monday, and i am off to see the GP in the afternoon - i still have a chesty/mucas cough that is i have to say disgusting, also i am very blocked up in the nose department and its just wont see to shift!

i was thinking about asking for an allergy test - food, pets, dust etc to see if anything in my home could be making me worse, or making me take long to recover... do you think this is a good idea, has anyone had this done an it has been good for them?

I try to eat as healthy as i can - obv having the odd chocolate bar and ice cream cant really hurt now can it?! i get my 5-day - usually more as i love veg and fruit i tend to get 6-aday just at breakfast! so i think i am getting enough vitamins to fend off most bugs - but i seem to always be ill, colds, flu, chest infections, tonsillitus, punemonia.... so i began taking asodophillis (good bacteria) and high does of multivits, and after spending all that money and time (1 year) i still see no difference.

does anyone have any sugguestions? or are you going through the same as me?

any replies would be great!

many thanks


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Hi emma,

sounds as if you're having a rough time:-(

It might be a good idea getting allergy tested. Have you noticed any symptoms when near pets or outside during hayfever season?

The most common allergy test is the ""prick test"" where they put loads of little drops of allergens on your underarm and prick those with a little needle and within about 20 mins they can see which ones you're allergic to.

If you are allergic to something it itches and the area around those little allergen drops get red. It's a bearable and reliable test, I had it done loads of times and now know which pollen I'm allergic to and therefore when to avoid being outside or near them.

You can also have a blood test done I think that's to check allergies in general and if you're alleric to dust etc.

Speak to your doctor about it.

Good luck with everything and I hope you feel better soon.

Love Lydia x


Hello, Emma

My GP had a basic set of allergy tests done on me a couple of years ago to rule out my being allergic to things like my cats, feather duvets, various trees and grasses, etc. This was done as a blood test - one or two small vials were taken by the practice phlebotomist and sent off for analyss.

Recently, my ENT consultant had a more extensive set of tests done - also blood - to rule out house dust mites, milk, nuts, etc. My tests were useful in that they ruled out allergies as triggers for asthma and rhinitis. My GP and consultant both brought up the idea of allergy testing: it wasn't something I'd asked for.

As far as catching bugs/virurses, etc. goes, I think you'll find there are a lot of people using this board who also seem to catch whatever's going around. I teach, so am constantly being sneezed on and tend to catch all the colds, viruses, infections, etc. that are part of life in a school. I did ask my GP a while ago whether there was any connection between taking inhaled steroids and immunity, but she wasn't certain.

It may be worthwhile asking for allergy testing, although I'm pretty sure any competent GP would have brought it up if they felt it'd be worth doing on you.


Just a thought and not being medically qualified, don't know if really relevant. Does the doc know you take high dose of multivitamins. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.


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